Thoughts & Well Wishes

Joanne | Jan 7, 2015
Hi Sam, this is Joanne Potts. I have been thinking a lot about you and Travis. The road you and Travis have traveled has been long and hard so far. The small gains seem too far apart. But it is the small gains that keep you strong. Take care of yourself along the way.
Vicky & Bruce | Nov 6, 2014
We have our favorite picture of Travis where we look at him everyday. We are so happy you all are at a hospital where they give you hope. We will continue to lift you all up in prayer. Maybe, sometime this winter we will all be celebrating your return with a big welcome home party at the Trading Post.
Vicky & Bruce | Sep 6, 2014
God keeps putting reinforcement about Trav into my life. Two days ago I talked to someone who had been in a coma for almost 4 months. At three months the hospital and doctors tried to convince his Mom to turn off life support. She refused. One month later he was no longer in a coma. I don't think these TBI's are coincidental...I am believing for your miracle Travis and Sam. We pray for you everyday and we are looking forward to having your family back in the neighborhood.
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Vicky & Bruce | Aug 15, 2014
Just want your family to know we check at least once a day in the hope that this is the day that Travis opens his eyes and smiles at his dearest...Sam. You have to know that we talk about you four every day. Bruce and I and our adult children look forward to the day that your family are back home again....we pray for you all...we dream about you all and we pray for you all every day.
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Susie Seibert | Jun 30, 2014
Travis, you and your family are amazing in everyway.  This bump in the road might be your biggest challenge yet but one I know your up for.  I am sending all my love and prayers to you.  I spoke with Craig and don't be surprised if you sense him with you.  He shows up when we most need him.
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