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Journal entry by Annelise Rowe

Good news this week for my 7th chemo treatment.  First was that I was strong enough with my white blood cell counts to have chemo.  Last week it was delayed because my counts were too low.  I don't want to delay treatment that kills cancer!  The next good news was that my blood marker for cancer dropped from 98 two weeks ago to 19.  YES, NINETEEN!  That is terrific news and a sure sign that the chemo is working!  I have 11 more treatments to go before I go on maintenance oral drugs.  

I had two wonderful surprises for me when I arrived.  First, Debbie Dale and Malissa Meyer sent me a BEAUTIFUL orchid with a "Thinking of You" balloon and a delightful "Believe" necklace.  I wore it right then and there!  Look at how much my belief in kicking cancer is working!  Malissa then appeared in person with a goodie bag of healthy foods that might help me get my digestive tract in order.  She stayed for a great visit.  

Speaking of my digestive tract.  I've been tested for EVERYTHING to determine my slow healing.  Understand that 12 inches of colon were removed in addition to the total failure of my system in the hospital and the radical surgery in my abdomen.  I might just not be patient enough.  The tests did rule out any infections but do show inflammation within the bowels.  Next stop is the Digestive Health Clinic for a work-up.  It's difficult for me to be out and about much.  I'm good running to the store or for short visits and I hope to improve more to get back to work.  They are EXTREMELY kind and are giving me all the time I need to heel both mind and body.   

I wore my fun black and white check pumps to kick cancer's ass this week.  Pretty fun with a black/white fedora!  Hats are my thing now as they protect my delicate baldness😏 while being less hot than scarves or wigs.   
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