Journal entry by Lisa Kinman

Just to be clear, there's a link that says, "Show your love and support for Tony by making a donation to keep his site running" or something like that. This would not be a donation for Tony or his family, it is a donation to this website, which offers this free service. 

So if you decide to make a donation, please know it is for this website, and not to any charity or beneficiary that Tony had a say in. Thanks.
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Journal entry by Lisa Kinman

Tony is about the same as yesterday. He's very weak, and mostly lucid except for the pain meds which cause him to drift around a little bit. He's still so eloquent in his expression, and very realistic about his situation. We've been reassuring him with different details about how Kristie will be okay after he's gone. He's appreciative of family and friends, and full of love. He's thinner than he was a few days ago. 

Thanks to those of you who've added a note on here. We'll read them to Tony tonight. We're bringing over some pizza from Caruso's in Sylmar, Tony and Kristie's favorite. Wouldn't it be something if Tony decided to have a bite.... 

Journal entry by Lisa Kinman

Tony is comfortable at home. He hasn't eaten in a very long time, but is sipping New York Seltzer. He's been really happy to have visitors come spend time with him and hold his hand and talk. His bed is set up so he can look out the window at the trees, and he enjoys hearing the birds. 

We had a family dinner party at his house this past Sunday. His bed is in a room next to the living room, and he really loved having the house filled with people who love him and love each other. He loved smelling the food and hearing us talking and laughing. 

He is weak, and yesterday seemed to be drifting in and out of consciousness. His mind is peaceful.
Tony’s Story

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After being diagnosed with cancer in March, Tony started what was going to be a 6-month round of chemo. He couldn't eat, and together with the chemo, he became very weak. While in ICU, Tony made the decision to come home with hospice care and be surrounded by family and friends.