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Journal entry by Mindy Kragness

The Wurst Family would like to extend their sincere thank you to this community.   The love, support, and generosity during this difficult time will never be forgotten.  Whether it be through prayer, kind words, hugs, or well wishes; all have been imperative in boosting the family's moral to continue fighting. Thank you to their incredible family, friends, neighbors and coworkers for all that you do to help. So many have stepped in to supply meals, help with yardwork, and drive the boys to their activities. Thank you for showing your support last night.  It's times like these that are a reminder of the amazing people who surround us.  Thank you to the basketball coaches and everyone involved for your time and commitment to make tonight's event a huge success.  Finally, a special thank you to Coach Steph Lahr for her time and passion in supporting local families in their battles with cancer. The family is humbled by your generosity and hopes to pay it forward.  Get busy living!  The Wurst Family    

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Journal entry by Mindy Kragness

Tom has made it through a vigorous round of treatment last Tuesday, with a couple of tough days on Thursday and Friday.  He was able to bounce back pretty well this weekend and catch some of Tyler's hockey tournament on Saturday. Next round of chemo will be on Feb 4th or 5th.
Tom’s Story

Site created on January 20, 2020

Tom and Paula Wurst have been active members of the St. Michael/Albertville community since 2001.  They belong to the St. Michael Catholic Church and Paula has worked at the school district for 20 years as a Special Education teacher. Tom works in sales for a lumber distributing company located in Maple Grove. Tom and Paula have two boys, Carter and Tyler.  Carter is a 9th grader at STMA high school and is on the STMA Swim and Dive team, as well as the Cross Country team. Tyler is a 7th grader at Middle School West and plays Hockey and Lacrosse. Tom and his family enjoy doing many things as a family, such as hunting and fishing, camping and taking family vacations and spending time with extended family at their family cabins. In October of 2017, at the age of 40, Tom was devastated to find out he was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer.  Tom is currently receiving treatment at the University of Minnesota. In August 2019, Tom began to experience additional complications, which has slowed his treatment schedule. Since August, Tom has had to endure many hospital visits and procedures to deal with these complications. Recently, they found out that, due to slowing his treatment schedule, the cancer has spread. They are hopeful to begin more rigorous treatment in the near future to slow the spread of the cancer. Throughout this difficult time, the family has been extremely thankful to live in a community with such amazing people who support them.