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Tom, we miss you on Central Texas Gardener. Work hard and rejoin us soon.
A Friend, Sandy | Jul 31, 2020
Never give up we are all rooting for you
Ed and Linda Taylor | Jul 24, 2020
Tom, We are longtime fans of your gardening shows and your activities in the community. You are in our thoughts and prayers always.
R & L in Houston | Jul 15, 2020
Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be. Sending healing thought your way.
Edgar/Linda Taylor | Jun 30, 2020
Working on my May gardening to-do list as we wait for the next rain storm, thinking of you and sending you our warmest wishes for continued progress in your recovery.
MAysoon & Butch | May 25, 2020
Knowing you (as your fans) you'll turn this experience into something powerful for our community! Stay strong and know you are missed!
Margie McAllister Stekoll aNd DAvid STekoll | May 11, 2020
Thank you Tom. We moved to central Texas from north east Texas in 1994. I was at a loss on growing a garden here until I found you and your friends on CTG. I hope get back to the garden soon, I miss seeing you every Saturday.
Sybil | May 9, 2020
Tom, keep working. It'll pay off. All the best, Sandy Keyser
SAndra Keyser | May 2, 2020
This donation is in honor of wonderful Tom Spencer. We are so grateful for the many things we've learned from you on Central Texas Gardner over the years. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Nancy Maniscalco and Geoff Rips | Apr 18, 2020
Tom was a great host in CTG and I always looked forward to Saturday's to watch the show.
A fan | Apr 11, 2020