Sharon Hendrix|Apr 15, 2020
I had missed Tom for awhile, I only heard about his stroke today, I am so sorry - he is such a husband suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2016...he is doing well with only some confusion and aphasia....tell Tom to keep fighting and never give up, a lot of recovery has to do with the individuals constitution or inner core and character...keep fighting, listen to the doctors, therapists etc. but you are an individual and you and your family know how determined you are, try and keep your spirits up and lean heavily on our good Lord....I will be praying for Tom and his family... ❤️
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Rick L'Amie|Apr 15, 2020 (edited)
Be strong and courageous Tom! You can do it. I’ve been a fan and follower for many years.
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Ruth Ann Myers|Apr 12, 2020
Tom, glad you are making improvements in reading comprehension and right-side mobility, Buddy! Just hang in there! Don't ever give in/give up! Your improvement will continue far, far beyond these first difficult months, despite what some "experts" say!! (I speak from the experience of my husband's stroke 11 years ago that affected his right side, his speech, his reading, and his speech comprehension! He also had a seizure exactly 9 months after his stroke.) Love you!
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Bobbie Lockhart|Apr 12, 2020
I sure miss you. I always enjoyed your program. I enjoy John Hart He’s a good sub!! God bless and keep up the good work!
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Andrew Pitkin|Apr 12, 2020
I just found out about Tom and what has happened watching CTG this morning! I had no idea and just knew he wasn't hosting the show. Be strong and keep going with the recovery! I was catching up on Diana's posts and will be working in the yard/garden while cooped up another month. We will plant something fun for you!
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Diane Green|Apr 12, 2020
It is Easter morning the rain has slacked off and the Chinaberry tree is blooming. Your friends across the country wish you a beautiful season and pray for you to have a continued recovery.
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Neal Hibbitts|Apr 11, 2020
Godspeed in your recovery Tom. With you hosting CTG I became regular viewer every Saturday morning for the last few years. John has been doing a good job but you're the man! Praying for your recovery.
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Miriam Mustelier|Apr 11, 2020
Tom, you don't know me but we briefly met during KLRU's "old days" of fund raising. A taping of CTG was being made nextdoor to Studio 6A and I was manning a pledge phone.

I'm an avid gardener - primarily veggies and herbs and I Love your show. In your absence I'd been doing Google searches and I wasn't finding any current info.......I thought, was Tom fired? Hope not. In today's show your stroke and CaringBridge were announced. I miss your shows! The "other" guy's OK but he's not YOU!

Positive thoughs and prayers your way!

I know that your recovery is slower than you'd like......patience young man!

I was hospitalized for 2 months after my VW bug and I were hit head on by a druck driver driving an
early model America tank. After my hospitalization I was discharged to Dr Papa's clinic for 5 months. My father, a retired physician, became my in home doc, physical therapist, pharmacist, and chauffeur to specialty appointments.
Because I had/have NO memory of the wreck OR my first 6 wks in the hospital I felt as though I was being held against my free will. My hair that was growing out was CUT, I was confined to a bed, my memory was shot, I had employed full time and I was taking 1 class at A&M that summer. Darn it! I had a job to get to! The final exam was that week! I think that this whole ordeal was harder on my parents, especially my father. With time, exercise, and perseverance, I 've recovered 95%. Heck, I've got a very hard head!

Stroke victims DO recover! I want to see you AND hear your voice on CTG!

NO more pep talks.....One positive thought is that you don't have to learn how to socially isolate; I guess you were doing that before it became a fad!

I can't provide hugs and kisses but I hope that you continue with your recoveries - physically, psychologically, and emotionally!

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Rebeca Quiñonez-Piñón|Apr 11, 2020
Could we contribute with seedlings? Also, I will send an email to his former colleagues to encourage them mail Tom letters, cards, postcards. Tom is in our thoughts and prayers.
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Jane Baxter Lynn|Apr 11, 2020
Hi, Tom. Was wondering where you were and a friend told me recently of your stroke. Sent you a LinkedIn message but realize you may not have seen it. Heard today from Central Texas Gardener how to contact you. I wanted to check in simply to say that I’m thinking of you and know that with your great ‘can do’ attitude, if anyone can make a come-back you can and will. With fondest regards, Jane (nonprofit strategic advisor)
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