Josie Zamora|Apr 6, 2020
Happy Birthday, Diana! Many blessings to you. Thank you for keeping Tom's fans informed of his progress. I watch CTG every Saturday at noon after working in my own garden all morning. I have always enjoyed Tom's calm and sweet personality. It was a treat to hear his gardening mishaps and what he learned from them. I'll keep praying for Tom.
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Pam Geurink|Apr 4, 2020
I never knew what happened to you until today when I was watching CTG and thought, "I'm just going to Google and see if I can find out why our Tom has been missing from both tv and your radio show. I'm so sorry to read about your stroke, but I know you'll be back with us soon. Here's a little prayer that it will be sooner than later! Take care.
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Marianne Rochelle|Mar 12, 2020
Happy Birthday Diana! Thanks for the update. I hope Tom continues to make progress.
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lisa jordan|Mar 12, 2020
That is wonderful. Blessings to you both and Happy Birthday to you!
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Hendle Pendleton Rumbaut|Mar 12, 2020
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