Lacey Camp|Feb 10, 2020
Tom, we feel like you are an old friend. We have been fans of yours for years. We pray for you and wish you a full recovery.

Lacey & Scott Camp
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Mark Doré|Feb 3, 2020
Hi Tom, I'm so very sorry to learn of your parent's passing. They were wonderful people and I was very fortunate to have known them growing up in PA. My Dad and your father were friends at Texaco - even after retirement. My Dad kept in touch with your parents after they moved to Houston.

I can tell from the photos that you're making remarkable progress! I would recognize that smile anywhere! Keep it up. I will make it to Austin this Spring for a visit. I will give you plenty of heads-up. Hope to see you soon!
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Sharon Snuggs|Jan 31, 2020
Tom and Diana, so sorry for the recent loss of your parents and to learn of your stroke, Tom. I have been missing you on CTG . Your wisdom and warm personality are greatly missed.
Praying for strength and continued healing through your recovery.
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Diana Hoffman|Jan 30, 2020
Thank you all for the presence of you company or the deeply felt well wishes for TOM at this time. You all have a source of strength!
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maryalice PADILLA|Jan 28, 2020
Dear Tom, I have missed you on CTG!!!!! Finally it was announced at end of last show where you were and what had happened to you.
OMG. My sincerest sympathies to you and your family on the passing of your parents. May all your memories sustain you now and forever!
You are missed! God is watching over you. I pray your recovery is moving along well. Cant wait to see you back on the show!!
From a loyal native Austinite getting ready for spring and watching you on CTG!!
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lisa jordan|Jan 27, 2020
Dear Tom, I am so sorry to hear all you have been through recently. I have missed your gentle, sweet spirit on CTG. The young man is precious too but you are the face of the show and are greatly loved and missed. I will be praying to the Lord Jesus for your healing and recovery. Hugs to you and your siblings through this rough time.
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Lynne Perry|Jan 26, 2020 (edited)
Dear Tom and Diana, my deepest sympathy for the loss of your parents.
Sending hugs and well wishes from a devoted CTG fan . I’ve enjoyed many years of your hosting abilities and infectious good nature. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I know you’ve gotta feel all the love & support from the gardening community🥰🌱🌻P.S. once while shopping at Natural Gardener I heard a familiar voice and was busted when my head popped up to see from whom that comforting voice emitted. Lo and behold you saw my recognition but I let you be so I wouldn’t infringe on your shopping experience. You’ve been so helpful and willing to answer emailed questions. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
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Dotty Sanborn|Jan 26, 2020
Best wishes Tom. You are in my prayers.
I’ve been missing you on Central Texas Gardener and heard today of your news.
Hope you have a speedy recovery and come back where you belong. You are missed.
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linda bunte|Jan 26, 2020
Mr. Spencer, I miss you -- especially your sweet smile and humor -- on CTG and want you to get well soon! Sorry about your dear Mother too. Words fail me...Just take your meds and hugs through the clouds!
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Kay Beard|Jan 25, 2020
Have just learned why you've been missing from the KLBJ program and Central Texas Gardener. Have been missing you and worrying about what was wrong. So glad to hear you are making good progress but so sorry for the loss of your parents during that time. Have been praying for you and look forward to hearing you on a Sat morning again.
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