Journal entry by sandi tomlinson

Tom’s loving parents lived in Houston, Texas. When they heard about Tom’s stroke they wanted desperately to be in Austin with him. But, because of their frail health they were only able to talk with him over the telephone. Tom treasured each conversation with them.


On December 13th Tom’s mom died. 


Tom’s medical team team suggested that he be notified at a later date so he could continue to focus on his rehabilitation and receive the cheerful support of friends during the holidays. 


After the burial of Tom’s mother in Austin, Tom’s dad developed pneumonia. He joined Tom’s mother on December 29. 


Diana, Tom’s sister, notified Tom of his parents’ death on Thursday, January 9. 


There will be a service on Monday, January 13 at 2:00 at Austin Memorial Park, Lot 113 in block 5B. Tom will be there to honor his parents. Your support during his time of grief is so appreciated.


The address for visiting and sending cards is:


Tom Spencer

C/O Neuro Restorative

5150 North A W Grimes Blvd.

Round Rock Tx 78665

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