Betty Sue Flowers|Dec 22, 2019
Thinking of you, Tom, during this holiday season.

Best wishes, always,
Betty Sue
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Karen Aroian|Dec 21, 2019
Tom, rooting for you from Italy -- my husband and I are taking a short break now that the semester is finished at UT and just hearing your news now. Keep up the good work. Sending you positive vibes and wishes for good healing -- I'm going on faith that your care team along with your own vibrant determination will get you there. I was honored to be a part of the brainstorming team, formation, and launch of iACT's Red Bench with you. You are so giving and hard-working -- thank you for leading the way. You taught me how to be a good leader. My best to you from the sidelines, Tom, as ever, Karen Aroian
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Stephanie Barko|Dec 20, 2019
Mike & Ginger are such welcoming and loving people. It's great to see Mike there with you in this photo, Tom.

You were welcoming to me when iACT did a series of small groups in homes around the city. You hosted the one in Travis Country that I went to. I had always wanted to meet you, and learn more about the man from KLRU. I think you spoke about your garden and most of all, invited each of us to share our sense of spirit in our lives. iACT has come a long way since its founding because of your leadership and vision. It's just one of the many ways you've made our region a better place to be.

I will light a candle on the solstice for you and send an angel your way.
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Sally Estes|Dec 20, 2019
We've been Tom's fans ever since the days of his excellent leadership on Central TX Gardener- even toured his garden the year it was on view. Followed him when he was the executive director for iAct - News of the silence his stroke has placed on him must be extremely frustrating for him. We will continue to follow this CB site, and hope his rehab will produce great results!
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Robin Loving rowland|Dec 20, 2019
Dear Tom! Keep up the good work for you and all who love you! I have been out of Austin for about 15 years (doing good deeds in Mexico!). You were so helpful to all of us when I worked at the Parks Dept. and Keep Austin Beautiful! Love, Robin Loving
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Earl Maxwell|Dec 20, 2019
We're pulling and praying for you. You have meant so much to so many people for so long.
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Diana Hoffman|Dec 19, 2019
Awesome, happy pictures!
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Larry Schooler|Dec 18, 2019
I'm kvelling and shepping nachas!
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Marianne Rochelle|Dec 18, 2019
In addition to the 5 pics in this journal entry, I posted 3 more photos to the photo gallery.
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