Thoughts & Well Wishes

Suzanne Holden | 4 hours ago
Hi, Tom, Just want you to know I am thinking good thoughts for you as spring gets ready to kick into gear here in Fort Worth. It sounds like your latest update has lots of very good news in it. I am so glad to hear this! We Central Texas Gardener fans sure do miss seeing your smiling face on TV. Here are a few photos of my flowers I want to share with you. Please keep up the good work, and know that we are out here cheering you onward! Best wishes,
Linda Colonna | Mar 10, 2020
Hi Tom,
Just wanted to drop in and let you know how much you are loved and missed in the community.  I have watched many episodes of the Central Texas gardener over the years and have been inspired and educated by it in so many ways.  This picture is from my front yard—it’s from last year.  This year’s crop is not nearly as impressive!
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Maricela Aguilar | Mar 1, 2020
Dear Mr. Spencer, 
We sure do miss you on CTG, however,  we are continuing to pray for your recovery.  
I am including pictures of our spring blooms that are just coming out.  Thanks for all of the wonderful advice you have given us on gardening. 
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Suzanne Holden | Feb 23, 2020
Hi, Tom! Since you, as a gardener, photographer, blogger, and gardening host have inspired me for many years now, I thought maybe a few early spring photos from my own garden in Fort Worth might make you smile a bit. These are two of the several varieties of heirloom daffodils I have planted, as well as one of my 20 plus old garden roses, the China rose Cramoisi Superieur. Antique Rose Emporium as well as Central Texas Gardener have helped shape my love of organic gardening and heirloom flowering plants. I also plant more and more native plants as I go on. I surely hope you are doing well with all of your hard work in your challenging task. Wishing you well!
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Suzanne Holden | Feb 18, 2020
Dear Tom, I am a huge fan of yours, starting with watching you on Central Texas Gardener, and then reading your beautiful personal and garden blog of several years ago. You have taught me so much about organic gardens and gardening, and a bit of your beautiful spirituality. I am very grateful!
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