Honor Tom

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“In honor of Tom Schaafsma”

— Fred & Joan & family

“In honor of Tom Schaafsma and for encouragement for all of God's faithfulness and trust in His promises through his Son. Praise God in all things.”

— Bob and Elaine Caldwell

“In honor of Tom and all the family and friends who have prayed and encouraged us along this journey. This website was a lifesaver!”

— Schaafsma Family

“In honor of Tom Schaafsma. Thank you CaringBridge for the means to provide family and friends with information about Tom's incredible recovery!”

— Lisa

“In honor of Tom Schaafsma. Get stronger, there is much more of life to live!”

— Robinson Family

“In honor of Tom Schaafsma”

— Dave and Evie

“In honor of Tom Schaafsma Tom, hurry and get well. John and Trannie”

— Joh & Trannie Lacquey

“In honor of Tom Schaafsma”

— The Hollier family

“In honor of Tom Schaafsma”

— Dave & Ann Salmon

“In honor of all of the sacrifices Tom has made for his family, for the community and for others. Blessings, Jim, Sherryl and Camie Adair”

— Jim, Sherryl & Camie Adair