Honor Tom

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Gifted by Fred & Joan & family

“In honor of Tom Schaafsma”

Gifted by Bob and Elaine Caldwell

“In honor of Tom Schaafsma and for encouragement for all of God's faithfulness and trust in His promises through his Son. Praise God in all things.”
Schaafsma Family

Gifted by Schaafsma Family

“In honor of Tom and all the family and friends who have prayed and encouraged us along this journey. This website was a lifesaver!”

Gifted by Lisa

“In honor of Tom Schaafsma. Thank you CaringBridge for the means to provide family and friends with information about Tom's incredible recovery!”

Gifted by Robinson Family

“In honor of Tom Schaafsma. Get stronger, there is much more of life to live!”
Dave and Evie

Gifted by Dave and Evie

“In honor of Tom Schaafsma”

Gifted by Joh & Trannie Lacquey

“In honor of Tom Schaafsma Tom, hurry and get well. John and Trannie”

Gifted by The Hollier family

“In honor of Tom Schaafsma”
Dave & Ann Salmon

Gifted by Dave & Ann Salmon

“In honor of Tom Schaafsma”
Jim, Sherryl & Camie Adair

Gifted by Jim, Sherryl & Camie Adair

“In honor of all of the sacrifices Tom has made for his family, for the community and for others. Blessings, Jim, Sherryl and Camie Adair”