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This website will help Morgan keep everyone updated on dad's condition and needs. Visit the Journal Entries for updates when they're necessary to send out. Thanks so much for all of your support and love during this time. Dad appreciates it so much.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Morgan Elizabeth

Hi All,
    I have updated most folks but I want to make sure I get this here so I can make sure it reaches those it can. 

    Dad has made the decision to enter what is called "comfort care", which means they have stopped all treatment and food, and are waiting for him to pass. 

    On Sunday dad became much more cognitively aware and I was able to have this conversation with him face to face with the doctors present. Unfortunately, the cancer in his spine was starting to effect his feeling/mobility in his legs, and the cancer in his lungs had caused pneumonia and the doctors were treating for sepsis. 

    Dad felt very strongly that he wanted treatment to stop. He is now only on anti-anxiety medications and morphine to keep him calm and comfortable while we wait for him to pass on. Of course there is no way of knowing when this will happen, but the doctors have guessed it will occur before the end of the week. 

     Once dad has passed he will be cremated here in Seattle. I am working to get him a spot in the same cemetery where Opa Roe is buried, as Oma's plot is there as well. When I am able to get him out to Tennessee, I will let everyone know in case anyone would like to be present when we lay his remains to rest. 

     I'm sorry to have to be the one to send this news out into the world, and I hope everyone is doing okay. This has been an expedited and wild ride to an untimely end for dad and it's very sad. I'm so happy he will not be in pain any longer, but wish we could have gotten quite a few more years with him. I do know he sends his love to you all. 

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