Thoughts & Well Wishes

Carmen Carter | Mar 7, 2020

Hello, my beloved Tom and Maureen, miss you galore, even though I have a new fence, but I can picture me finding something to step up, so I can see Tom's face while we have our friendly chats, as we exchange prayer request for us and family members.  What an awesome God we serve, He planted me in this location. He knew, my family was so far, and I missed them dearly, so you were my family away from family and oh how grateful I felt to feel and know that you were always there....funny and magnificent how the Lord works things out, we hardly visit each other, but in my heart I knew, you were there for me, and that, my beloved ones, would give me peace without compare.
Father Almighty, please let Tom and Maureen feel Your embrace always, and through that, let them feel Your Peace, the peace that surpasses all understanding. Keep Your Joy in their hearts and off course, give them a bear hug for me. In the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen. Love you bunches my good and faithful children.❤️❤️😘😘

John Curry | Mar 4, 2020
Uncle Tom (and all in the Murphy Family),

I am wishing you comfort and happiness.  I have such great memories of visiting you in my childhood.  Honestly, every child should have an Uncle Tom in Orlando.  They should also have sunscreen; something you forgot to tell me about :).

A big hug from the North.  I love you Tom!
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Bob Tucker | Feb 22, 2020
Hello Tom -

Wanted you to know we are praying for you here in Chicago. I've been thinking of you often and remembering the time I spent with you.

You are a big part of my favorite childhood memories. I couldn't wait to visit Aunt Maureen & Uncle Tom in Florida! Disney & the beach were great... I always seemed to get sand in my mouth while eating the hotdog we bought right on the beach. But most of all, I loved hanging out at your house... sleeping in Brian's room with his cool drum set and swimming in your fancy pool! And, you always fixed something really nice for dinner. 

You were so generous to my family... Thanks for the memories. I'm fortunate to have you as my uncle. I'm going to forgive you for never teaching me how to eat a sand free hot dog on the beach... we'll do that in heaven!

Love, Bob (and Laurie, Ally, Will & Lacey)
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William Curry | Feb 9, 2020
Good morning, even though it is afternoon, thought about you a lot during the night. I am not sure if it was a dream or a nightmare.  I thought about you climbing telephone poles, protecting our country, and cleaning up dog poop.  What a night I had.  
I remember you harassing me to get my prostate checked, probably saved my life, thanks. If it is not too difficult to deal with do you have any any ideas of symptoms that one might look for that might indicate that cancer was invading one's pancreas (sp?).  If you Want some off the wall conservation give me a call whenever you want.  I always have time for crazy old men.  This is probably not the kind of message you look for on this web site, but I guess you have to take the bitter with the sweet.  Give my sister a big hug for me, she is probably going to need lots of them.
God bless all of you,

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