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Site created on October 6, 2019

It all started with a cough, Tom went to see his doctor and was admitted for a fast heartbeat. He was diagnosed with A-Fib and during his medical history mentioned he was having some abdominal pain. After doing an ultrasound and CT scan, they found tumors on this pancreas, liver and lungs. The biopsy confirmed it was Stage 4 pancreatic cancer with metastases to his liver and lungs. He will be having a  full body PET scan on Monday, a port inserted on Tuesday and Chemo on Wednesday. The port gives the providers an easy access point for needles to give chemo and draw blood. The chemo still start with an infusion at the cancer clinic. He will then be attached to a chemo pump for the next two days. He will go back on Friday to have the pump removed. The plan is to do this chemo regimen every two weeks. We are both doing ok, Tom feels pretty good right now, we would appreciate you thoughts and prayers.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Terri Franklin

It is with a heavy heart I have to write this post.  Thursday, Oct. 17 Tom passed away. We started our married life together on Oct. 17 and 32 years later ended our married life together.
Sunday, Oct. 13th Tom started throwing up I believe from the chemo.  At 2:30 he wanted to get up.  I asked if he needed help and he said yes.  Our neighbor was having a party so I asked for his 2 strongest friends to help me get Tom to the car and off to the ER we went.  In the ER they found blood clots in his lungs so he was admitted to ICU and put on strong blood thinners. He was moved from ICU to a regular room Monday late afternoon and we thought he was getting stronger.  He had PT and OT and they talked about moving him to a rehab facility.  Katie came home on Wednesday to check on her dad and Tim planned on coming home Thursday.  Thursday morning at 7:30 am the hospital called to let me know they were moving him back to ICU they couldn't get his heart rate to come down all night and his blood pressure was getting too low so he needed more intensive care. As we arrived at the hospital Tom was sleeping and his blood pressure looked to be improving.  Tom heard everything everyone said and would pipe in with questions or with his two cents worth.  He got a big smile on his face when my sister-in-law, Joyce stopped by to visit. The doctor came in at 5 pm and told us the only thing keeping him alive were the meds.  I asked Tom what he wanted and he told me he wanted hospice care.  So that's what we did.  About an hour later he was gone.
I cannot say enough about the great care he received at the hospital.  We consider ourselves and Tom lucky because even though it was way too fast Tom was always coherent and never in pain.

My family would like to EVERYONE for all their kind thought, wishes and prayers.

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