Congratulations on your biopsy report! That is so awesome. Now you just need to focus on strengthening that badder!!
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Linda Brakebill|Oct 27, 2018
Love you Buddy. So glad you are doing great.
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Glenda Ennen|Oct 25, 2018
Awesome news! Safe travels back home today.
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Jean Hubbs|Oct 25, 2018
Go Tom!! 🏈
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Carol McKeen-Rowlett|Oct 25, 2018
Great!!!! I felt like it would be and you are cancer free!!! Babe called with the great news - I doubt if taking those staples out and those drains are totally pain free but after that it will be nothing! and you will be heading home - you can do the rest - you've come so far in such a short time! Yes SCORE!!!! How good it will feel to be in your own bed tonight with a heating system that actually works and your own home around you. Here comes loving arms for you both and be careful coming home - watch out for those Tennessee drivers! love you - Carol
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Debbie Shaffer|Oct 25, 2018
Nothing any better than those 2 words-CANCER FREE!! I have been praying and will continue to do so.
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Joan Jenkins|Oct 24, 2018
We are soooo excited!! Prayers have been answered!! We are so glad you're doing so well and breaking all kinds of records. John Ward would be excited, too!! Can't wait to see you back in your own home with some of Eva's good home cooked jello and broth! Mmmmm!!
Keep up the good work and we'll see you soon!!!
Let us know when you can eat and we'll start bringing treats!!
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Vicky Jones|Oct 24, 2018
Praise be to God! Prayers have been answered!! So very happy for your whole family. Praying that all will continue to go well Thursday with the staples and the stents. 🙏👏👍❤️
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Matt McKeen|Oct 24, 2018
Thanks you Jesus

Prayer and healthy living works!

Love you guys!
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Linda Carraway|Oct 24, 2018
By the way, there appears to be more than just a couple of wordsmiths in the Carpenter clan!!!
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