Todd’s Story

Site created on March 2, 2021

We created this site as word was spreading to keep everyone updated on Todd's situation.  Have a seat - this first chapter is a long one.  Thank you! DeeAnn (DeeDee), Rebekah and Alayna.

Newest Update

Journal entry by DeeAnn (DeeDee) Triethart

Well it has been a week since I last updated and these updates will be getting less and less.  Todd is doing just awesome.  He was cleared to go to the bathroom when he needed to go.  He no longer has to measure how much he goes nor does he have the catheter himself after to make sure he emptied his bladder.  He has been emptying his bladder fully each time which continue to amaze the doctors he is as far as he is.  He was able to sleep really good last night and didn't need to set his alarm to get up every 3 hours.  He did not sleep "through" the night, but he only got up once to go.  Sleeping "through" the night will not happen for a very long time if ever.  They do not want him to hold his urine for long long periods of time and cause infections.  I have been asked by several if he "gets the urge" to go to the bathroom or "how does he know" when to go?  Well - he doesn't have that urgent feeling you get when you really have to go but he does feel the pressure that his bladder is full.  That is his que that he needs to or should go.  So from here on out he will continue to heal, keep walking to get his strength back and looks forward to returning to work and I am working on him NOT overdoing it since he is starting to get bored. Have a great spring and thank you again and again and again for all thoughts and prayers and well wishes - always very much appreciated.  

Todd, DeeDee, Bekah & Alayna
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