Journal entry by Aaron & Kim Tobias

Today marks the eleventh week since our lives changed so dramatically.  

Often times when you are digging thru the daily slog, the fatigue is blinding to what great things have been accomplished and blessings received.  The same is true in everyday life as well as hardship such as we have faced these eleven weeks; you may not feel hardship or fatigue, but undoubtedly daily routines, busyness, and even fun can be just as blinding as that fatigue.  At least for me, it takes a conscious effort to pause, step back, and look at the bigger picture to see the finer details the Lord has woven into my life, and I encourage others to do the same more often.

Four days of seemingly minimal progress, compounded by the onset of an eye infection that will require yet another surgery this Friday, and hundreds of miles to family and friends, had started to take its toll, necessitating one of those big picture reflections and call upon the Lord to get to the next day...and God is faithful!   
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
‭‭(Matthew‬ ‭11:28‬ ‭NIV‬‬)

Caleb finally got a couple good nights of rest, and was able to stay awake thru most of his therapy sessions the last 2 days.  Yesterday, we helped him sit up on the side of the bed, and he was able to hold himself upright, unassisted.  After about 11 minutes of carefully watching him so closely, since dad and the nurse started to get tired, we decided he was probably ready for a rest too!  He acted like he could have sat there all day.

A few pictures always help:  
  • 11 months ago we headed to Newark, NJ to serve at World Impact for a week, where we met some amazing people and experienced the power of the Holy Spirit growing and blessing us as we blessed others in need.  While the rest of us will have to look further into the future for other opportunities, Morgan is excited to be back to full strength and ready to serve on another adventure, this time to Jamaica in July! (
  • 11 weeks ago, the night before the accident, Morgan & Caleb had the pleasure of performing at the annual Jazz & dessert concert at CHS, where Morgan excelled on her tenor sax, while Caleb was rocking the percussion section!
  • 11 minutes of Caleb sitting upright without any help!  Every second that ticked by re-energized dad’s depleted batteries!
Thanks for the continued prayers.  We see Him answering them each day!  Adding to the continued prayer requests from last weekend, please pray for Caleb’s eye infection and surgery this Friday (will be his eighth surgery).  Also pray for improved weather and safe travels such that the rest of the family may be able to see Caleb this weekend.
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