Honor Tobias

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12 Tribute Donations

“In honor of Tobias Ekeze, a great man who brought love and peace to this world.”

— The McDonell Family

“In honor and memory of Tobias Ekeze from Lauren Miles, Jonathan Miller and Joel Miller. Jonathan said , 'He is the kindest person I have ever met.'”

— Lauren Miles

“In honor of Tobias Ekeze. In our struggle to understand life, knowing Tobi made it a little easier.”

— James Cannon

“In honor of Tobias Ekeze”

— Kinsey family

“In honor of a most incredible man,Tobias Ekeze. To all who read this, let peace be with you. Be sure to hug your friends often.”

— Tammy, Steve, Ricky and Kyle Zaffuto

“In honor of Tobias Ekeze. Prayers, strength, faith and hope to you and your family.”

— Megan Meachem and family

“In honor of Tobias Ekeze”

— Frank S. Christ

“In honor of Tobias Ekeze”

— Jennifer Hecker

— Jennifer Daniels Fisher

“In honor of Tobias Ekeze”

— Mrs. Lori A. Walton