Honor Tobias

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Gifted by The McDonell Family

“In honor of Tobias Ekeze, a great man who brought love and peace to this world.”
Lauren Miles

Gifted by Lauren Miles

“In honor and memory of Tobias Ekeze from Lauren Miles, Jonathan Miller and Joel Miller. Jonathan said , 'He is the kindest person I have ever met.'”

Gifted by James Cannon

“In honor of Tobias Ekeze. In our struggle to understand life, knowing Tobi made it a little easier.”

Gifted by Kinsey family

“In honor of Tobias Ekeze”

Gifted by Tammy, Steve, Ricky and Kyle Zaffuto

“In honor of a most incredible man,Tobias Ekeze. To all who read this, let peace be with you. Be sure to hug your friends often.”

Gifted by Megan Meachem and family

“In honor of Tobias Ekeze. Prayers, strength, faith and hope to you and your family.”

Gifted by Frank S. Christ

“In honor of Tobias Ekeze”
Jennifer Hecker

Gifted by Jennifer Hecker

“In honor of Tobias Ekeze”

Gifted by Jennifer Daniels Fisher

Gifted by Mrs. Lori A. Walton

“In honor of Tobias Ekeze”