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March 8, 2020

Another new month and now 10 months into this completely unexpected journey. Thank you for keeping Tina in your thoughts, prayers and showing her your love in so many ways. We are continually reminded of the many doctors and nurses that told us early on that recovering from a stroke and brain injury just takes a long time. Not knowing ‘how long’ is the hardest part for my little planner and it continues to literally be a day by day process because looking too far ahead with her current limitations is overwhelming. The goal and reminder each day (that applies to all of us) is to live life as full as possible and to, “...not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matt 6:34‬)

Tina spends her days, when not in therapy, on all of her home exercises to strengthen her left leg and ankle and her left arm and hand. She is determined to get out of the orthotic brace by doing more walking and exercises without it but still has to be really careful to prevent injury. It also limits the type of shoes she can wear which is really the motivator here because she ‘loves’ shoes.

One exciting milestone to report since the last update is Tina passed the driver evaluation and is now able to drive herself to appointments, visit friends and help with Mom Uber duties. She’s not quite ready for the freeway but loves the freedom and independence of driving.

The attached pics show the very specialized equipment and hard work she’s putting in at the Pushing Bounderies gym. The Amadeo hand and finger rehab machine is fascinating and helps with range of motion and active movement in her hand and individual fingers. The other pic is her doing one leg squats on the total gym with Galileo vibration therapy which uses high frequency vibration to stimulate muscles and minimize spasticity tone. This is her favorite session of the week and good to supplement the normal PT and OT schedule.

Thank you for continuing to keep Tina in your thoughts, prayers and for all of your love and support. It is a really hard long road physically, mentally and emotionally but she is “pressing on...” Phil 3:14

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  • Tammy Barga : Greeting dear friends. We are encouraged by the progress Tina is making. Yet understand the journey is long and hard. Glad you can rejoice each day. God is Good! Love Tammy and Doug
  • Erin Palmer : So happy to hear about driving! That is awesome! We miss you at Leota!
  • Tracy Buccieri : So happy Tina that you are doing better and able to drive! I’m sure that is a relief so you can get out of the house and have some freedom! Continuing to pray for total healing!
  • patti May : Congratulations, Tina, on getting back on the road. That is huge. Lots of baby steps equal big milestones. You are amazing. Keep up all the hard work. I am praying for you all the time. Lots of love and hugs. Patti
  • Valerie Olson : Keep up the good fight, Tina! Thank you, Brad, for the update. So happy to hear Tina is driving! Hugs to your whole family..... :)
  • Chris Yutrzenka : Thank you Brad for posting this as I have been thinking about Tina and your family. It is hard, but it sounds like you are making such progress. Take care, Chris
  • Diane Hudelson : I think of you so often precious Tina. Many of my car rides to work in the morning include conversations with God about you. With love, ❤️ Diane
  • April Tolsma : Sooo happy you can drive again! How fun! Do you need more Starbucks cards? :-) Glad your family is doing well as well! You are a great mom and a true fighter!
  • Suzie Streich : Hon, your dad is so proud of you. We all appreciate all the hard work you are doing, so are so glad to see it is all paying off. I do believe God has a special task he will have you do for him in the future. Many Blessings to all of you. Love you!
  • Natalie & Randy Wilkerson : Great news about driving!!! Thanks for the update I will be praying for your journey.
  • Cindy Cram : Way to go Tina! You are driving again, that is so awesome! We will keep on praying daily for you and look forward to the next milestones. We love you !!! You are an inspiration to all of us!
  • Kathy Jacobs : Oh my goodness Tina you are driving-that is wonderful hopeful news. So happy to hear about all the progress you have made! I know the battle continues but you are a warrior. ❤️
  • tammi walker : Always moving forward. Love the progress and we continue on with her in this journey. Tina is teaching us all some amazing things herself! Oxo