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October 17, 2019

Small update! Good update! 

Tina has continued to be converstional throughout the last couple days! Today she got to eat a real breakfast for the first time. She had pancakes with syrup, eggs and hasbrows! She swallowed like a champ with no aspiration. They have to keep the “boxing” mits on her hands though. Nick and I think she keeps wanting to pull the trach out so that’s why they’re on.  She looked down at her hands while the mits were on and said “ what the f#^* are these.” :)  

In other good news the trach is set to be closed and removed on Monday!!!! Huge news. 

That’s all we have for now. Thought we would spread the news! 

Tessa and Nick

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  • Linda Eastwood : Still keeping you and family, in my prayers. I hope things are continueing to improve. It's a long road, hang in there!
  • stephanie st clair : So glad to hear this good news! Keep going, Tina!
  • Angela Thomas : Well now that sounds like my friend Tina. Please tell her that I have been thinking of her and have sent lots of prayers her way. As soon as she is up for visitors I am on my way!!!
  • Jennifer Johnson : God is good so happy to hear shes going in positive directions
  • Candy Birk : Great news! Thanks for updating us!
  • Linda mARION : OMGOSH, sounds like she is doing amazing well. Prayers continue for moving little steps at a time.
  • Ronda Voss : Amazing news continued prayers and big hugs
  • Julie (Davis) Vacek : Sounds wonderful and it sounds like feisty Tina is coming back. We will continue to pray and are thinking of you all.
  • Linda Eastwood : Yep. That sounds like something Tina would say! Glad things are continuing to improve!
  • Stacy Ruona : Great to hear!! Thank you for the update.