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October 17, 2019

Small update! Good update! 

Tina has continued to be converstional throughout the last couple days! Today she got to eat a real breakfast for the first time. She had pancakes with syrup, eggs and hasbrows! She swallowed like a champ with no aspiration. They have to keep the “boxing” mits on her hands though. Nick and I think she keeps wanting to pull the trach out so that’s why they’re on.  She looked down at her hands while the mits were on and said “ what the f#^* are these.” :)  

In other good news the trach is set to be closed and removed on Monday!!!! Huge news. 

That’s all we have for now. Thought we would spread the news! 

Tessa and Nick

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October 09, 2019

Sorry for the hiatus lately, password probs. 

The move to Bethesda went well as could be. Tina has been having PT/ OT five times a week. She has been in and out of her chair multiple times. She even stood today with the assistance of PT! She still is non-weight bearing on her left leg because of the surgery. 

Her trach has been down graded to a smaller trach and has been capped for a couple days now.  The next step is for Tina to cough on command and if she can do that the trach will be removed. She’s so close!! 

She has been talking without the speak valve because the trach is closed. She has days where she talks a lot, and days that she doesn’t. Nick just heard her talk to the first time on the phone. We both needed the reassurance that she is still in there since she talks to everyone else, but us! 
We are starting to think that the more people in the room with her the less she talks. But what do we know, we’re just dumb paramedics! 

We had a care conference today with PT/ OT/ RT , RN case manager, dietician and the MD over seeing her care. The doctor said that when she got to Bethesda she was in a coma. She is no longer in that coma. Her talking and being more active, and following simple commands makes him think otherwise. Her lab values are all within normal limits. They are keeping her feedings up because she has lost so much weight. Nick tells her Jenny Craig diet would of been easier and cheaper than this.  Her CT  last week has remained unchanged and no rebleeds.  
She will remain at Bethesda untill further notice. She eventually will need a “transitional care unit” (rehab at a nursing home) to further her physical therapy and rehab. It is unsure where she will be at, but we will cross that bridge when it comes. 

Bruce is still good! He’s still in the boot and walking with a walker. Still a smart ass as always. He continues to go to his primary doctor for follow ups.  Tony, Chris and Tanner all keep him in line. :) 

Thank you always for the kind words and prayers. They’re obviously working, baby steps! 

Have a good night. 


September 24, 2019

Good evening! 

Late post tonight because Nicholas and I buzzed down to North Memorial after work tonight. We got some news from multiple family members that Tina is starting to speak! 
We decided to come down and see for ourselves but after her Oxycodone and way past bed time we didn’t get to hear her talk. She opened her eyes a couple of times and the nursing assistants call her a busy body because she moves so much! 

On Sunday when they repositioned her she said “ ouch ouch ouch.”  The trauma team came in during their rounds and asked if she was in pain, and she said “no, not right now.”  

Matt went down today and he was saying goodbye for the night and she was able to say bye back, and he said love you, and she tried multiple times to say it back but all he could do is read her lips. 

They are now introducing speech therapy into her daily regime. They also try to sit her in a chair two times per day.  The plan is to move her to Bethesda hospital in St. Paul tomorrow pending the insurance hoops. 

This is exciting news for us as Tina is trying!  She still isn’t tracking with her eyes but she continues to improve in the right direction! 


September 19, 2019

Tonight, you could say we got some good news. 
The neurologist looked at the MRI and said that Tina did NOT have a stroke!! What they saw on the CT weeks ago was the TBI ( traumatic brain injury). He said that there still is the blood that hasn’t been absorbed, which we knew. There are a couple areas that are bruised, but still in the healing process.
He directly said “We don’t know an outcome or what/if her deficits will be because she is still in the early process of healing.” Even though it’s been a month and feels like forever! 

Have a good night! 


September 17, 2019

We have unfortunately reached the one month mark. What a long month.

Nicholas, Matt and myself came down to visit for a couple hours this afternoon. Tina still continues to do great on the vent dome ( humidified oxygen to keep everything moist). She is moving all extremities quite frequently.  They checked her circulation on her feet and she withdrew from that immediately. She still tries to move her left leg. She brings both her hands up to her face and “itches” her nose and rubs her eyes. She still remains unresponsive and opens her eyes sporadically but not on commands. Her pupils are equal and reactive. 

She did have the MRI on Saturday which revealed that she still has blood on her brain that hasn’t been absorbed yet. Which means she is still in that “healing” process. They call this a “stable MRI”.  This may take months for it to be absorbed, no one knows for sure. 

She will have more surgery on Thursday for the skin graph placement due to finding more dead tissue than expected. 

Thank you you for the continued support everyone!

September 16, 2019

Since being moved to the the med surg floor Tina started to get skin graphs on her leg due to some necrotic (dead) tissue. They are continuously doing this throughout the week. The nurse also said that since she has been there she has been opening both her eyes now, unfortunately she isn’t tracking or responding to commands. 
She continues to breath on her own, the trach will remain in place and we will still hope and pray that we can continue to make improvements. 

We just got off the phone with the RN case manager and they are planning on moving her to the rehab facility at the end of the week or early next week. 


September 12, 2019

Small update: 

Tina DID have surgery today on her left leg. She is officially internally fixed! They said her surgery went good!

 She has been moved to the med/surg floor and out of the ICU. Still no neurological changes unfortunately. 

Have a a good night!! 

September 10, 2019

There hasn’t been much to update hence the lack of updating.... sorry.

Tina is completely off the ventilator. They still have the trach in place. They have surgery tentatively scheduled for Thursday or Friday to finally and hopefully fix her leg.  After this they will keep her for a couple days and maybe place her in the med/surg floor.

She unfortunately still hasn’t woken up. We all know that head injuries take a lot of time but we’re ready, we’ve been ready. 
If surgery goes as planned she will be moved to a rehabilitation center somewhere in the cities.  Bruce, Tony and Christopher will be touring these places within the next couple days. 

Thank you everyone for still thinking about us and keeping us in your thoughts, we still need them!