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3 Strikes and you’re out? Good thing there’s 9 innings! Multiple Myeloma may have hit a back breaking base run to third, however the game isn’t over. Join our fight to throw a curveball to Joe’s Multiple Myeloma diagnosis.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Brittany Votaw

Sorry for the lack of has been a little crazy around here.  We have moved the trip to Ireland for the wedding and so we have been busy planning that when I realized I haven’t updated in a bit.

Thank you doesn’t even begin to do justice.  The donations to Dad’s GoFundMe have been amazing and we don’t have words to express our gratitude.  No one has the ability to prepare to cancer and the bill that comes with it, or the special equipment that insurance doesn’t over, so truly...thank you.  

Dad has been doing rather well lately, given the overall picture of cancer.  His body seems to be doing ok with the chemo treatments.  He’s 6 weeks in and going strong.  Each week I pray we stay so lucky to not see the horrible side effects you hear about.  I am more at ease knowing where he is as it seems a good chunk of my former co-workers have moved into moving in the Levine’s always nice knowing who is taking care of someone so special to us.  We did have a stent in the ER last week due to some sever swelling, which lead to 2 nights in the ER.  Dad has been suffering from lower limb swelling for some time, which we assumed was just from being down so much...however, apparently his Albumin was off.  Who knew that you could turn into the marshmallow man so quickly from just one level.  Thankfully he is much better and home now.  We are adjusting his protein intake to prevent this from happening again.  It being flu season, the ER or hospital is the last place we wanted to be.  His care team has been amazing.  They are quick to respond and help with our million questions.  We have been so lucky and blessed.  

So here we are, half way through the first 12 weeks of this fight with cancer....and we are flying high.  His blood work is pretty good for the most part.  His kidney function is getting better and he hasn’t lost his hair.  He made goulash today.  I remember being so excited as a kid watching him make is one of my favorite quick meals.  Stealing spoonfuls out of the pot trying to be sneaky, but he always knew.  Guess what?  He still knows and catches me in the act.  It’s those tiny moments, like goulash, that stick with forever.  Coming home to the pot on the stove and knowing he was able to do that, means the world.  It means that Dad, while in pain and fighting this horrible diagnosis, is still in there...fighting best he can and making it seem as normal as he can.  We sure do love him.

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