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Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.

Our youngest daughter, Jewell, was sick for a few days in the beginning of September 2019 which we thought was just a back to school bug. On the 6th we were alarmed because she was a bit lethargic and not herself. We took her to the ER and within minutes of walking through the door they were testing her and diagnosed her with Diabetes Type 1. She was not fully coherent and they worried of brain swelling. We rode on a tiny plane from Anderson to UC Davis Children’s Hospital in the middle of the night. When we arrived, they started treating her immediately and got her numbers more manageable. she became coherent and her spunk personality and sparkly attitude was back!

This all happened so fast, and has opened our family to a new world. We spent many sleepless nights and days in the hospital learning from doctors and nurses. We have learned about treatments, food, programs etc.

We have had to make sacrifices to our budget, our jobs, and our activities. Many things have been put on hold as more important things have become priority.  

One thing is for sure, and that is we have an amazing group of supportive family members and friends! To thank you and to keep you updated on the latest and greatest, as well as where we need help, we have created this site to keep you all in the loop, all in one place!

Much love to you all,

Leslie, Jake, Jackson & Jewell 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Leslie Sabanovich

I don’t understand diabetes!!! I am beyond grateful for her glucose meter. It has given us peace of mind and has made life so much better already, but it also sheds light on all the things I cannot understand. 
Jewell can be spunky and goofy and loving life and my phone will alarm that she’s going high or low and she isn’t showing a single sign. Yesterday she had a fairly good day and then at bedtime she spiked over and over, insulin wasn’t bringing her down. :( it was a long frustrating night of shots and alarms on my phone and hers. All day today has been more of the same, crazy highs with no real explanation. Sending the report to her dr hopefully we’ll have answers tomorrow. Tested for keytones (urine test to see if she is going into DKA.) she was negative of keytones so that’s a good sign. 
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