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Big Goals

Today we found out that Theo drank 56% of his feedings yesterday from his bottle! When Kate was there, he took all 42ml at his noon feeding & then was wide awake after! Kate got to spend a solid two hours with him awake. They read some books, chatted, & even tried out the swing again. They both had a great time!

The Nurse Practitioners talked to us about getting things in place for when he does discharge. They’re helping set up follow up appointments, getting the home health care set up for his oxygen, setting up an infant CPR class for us, & teaching us how to check his hernia. It’s exciting, but also absolutely crazy to hear them talking about discharging him! After all of this time it doesn’t even feel real. It’s very exciting but also a bit nerve wracking.

Tonight Theo drank 24ml for me before falling asleep. I got lots of snuggles & loved every minute with him. We can’t wait to see where this next week or so takes us, they have some big goals for our little guy!

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