Journal entry by Hal Walker

A brief note from JP:


Hello Everyone,


My window is open and there’s a nice California breeze coming through the room.  I’m looking forward to my first venture outside today.  My friend Hal, my health aid Rizzi and I are heading outside to get a breath of fresh air. !  For the first first time in 3 months!  It’s been a long and very difficult road. 


I just want to write to let you know how much I appreciate all the love and support that you have given me over the last few months. It’s made a big difference.  Thank you so much to all the people who have travelled to LA to visit, all the people who have sent cards and letters, all the people who have contributed to my GoFundMe page and to all the people that have sent loving and caring messages on CaringBridge. 


Especially because my physical condition is substantially below par, I humbly ask for your continued prayers, love and support.  As my life continues to unfold, I’m taking it one moment at a time.  Through these hard times,  I’m so glad that you are in my life. Blessings to you all. 


Love, JP (Jahpa) 





A note from Hal:


I had a beautiful and difficult visit with JP recently and I’m writing to give you an update.  He’s currently in a rehab facility just 2 blocks from the Pacific Ocean.  While I was there, he was residing in a single room with a window overlooking the blue skies and palm trees of Santa Monica.  I was grateful to accompany JP on his first trip in a wheelchair to see the ocean, to give him his first shave since the trauma and to fulfill his craving for a roast beef sandwich from Whole Foods.  I was grateful to laugh, cry and sit with JP as we took turns listening to each other tell our stories. 


There’s no denying it, JP’s current reality seems beyond anything a person should have to endure.  He is no longer in critical condition and his mental faculties are all there, but his physical state is shocking, terrifying and painful. In order to save his life, doctors had to give JP vasopressor medications knowing there would be a risk to his extremities but not knowing to what extent. He has experienced amputations of his left foot and his right forearm.  His right foot has very little movement or feeling and his left fingers and right toes will eventually be amputated.  He has very little mobility in his right shoulder and he’s experiencing phantom pain in limbs that are no longer there.  When I was there, his 4th degree bed sores were “improving.”  At present, he is 86 lbs and his muscles are  completely atrophied from being bedridden. The focus of his rehabilitation now is to build his strength so that he can turn his body and sit up. 


When I asked him what kind of conversations are most helpful, JP told me that at this point, it’s conversations where people can get a sense of how difficult this is for him.  He is struggling. 


During my visit, I had some realization of my own lack of hearing JP’s pain in the past.  In 2013, JP witnessed a rogue wave pulling me and another friend Ash into the turbulent ocean. JP saved me from drowning with a 5 foot hiking stick, but had to watch as Ash's body disappeared, never to be recovered.  After that traumatic experience, JP shared with me some of his struggles.  I remember him telling me about the migraines and the post-traumatic stress that he was living with.   Certainly, I would listen, but I think my underlying attitude was one of discounting his pain. I told myself, “It’s JP… he has special JP powers… he can handle this…etc.”  I realize that I was more focused on my own pain than really hearing his.  


In term’s of the future, JP and his family are facing enormous challenges and great uncertainty.  He will have to re-learn all the basic skills of living and will need constant care for a long time to come.  Even finding a facility for him to continue his rehabilitation has been difficult. His family is facing almost non-stop challenging decisions. 


Though it’s uncertain where he will be a month from now, we are actively in search of people willing to visit and to be present with him through these days. At this point, JP needs strong, loving friends to visit and encourage him on his way.  As substantial purchases such as prosthetics become necessary, the GoFundMe site will be updated. Please stay tuned. Please contact Hal at 330-554-5950 or if you’d like to arrange a visit. 


Peace to you, Hal

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Journal entry by libby kirkpatrick

You are the super awesome angel of ease grace music charm disarming and alarmingly handsome manthensome more whom I adore whom i've not spoken to directly since you've been cocoonin' but rather sharing deep moon yin time of overarching angel watch time game. WHOOOO do you love? HOW do you DOO? So much love has been generated here, all on you. We look forward to being in touch soon and I'll be over the moon when I see your face from a closer place. KISS yo FACE, Mista JEPPER KETTA SCHLEPPER KETTA........FLEPPER! EPPER!! a-NEPPER!!! "Hhunh!!!"

and to your 3rd dimentional structures, I SALUTE you OODLES of love from below and above from inside and oer glide and dale we prevail. SET SAIL SOON! 
love you to the moon.

Journal entry by libby kirkpatrick

Dear Family & Friends, 
JP is in need of your support between Jan 6-12 and Jan 20-25. JP has transitioned from UCLA hospital into a skilled nursing facility where they will help him to build strength with daily OT and PT. His muscles have atrophied and he is not yet able to bare weight. After this phase he will be able to transfer to a Acute Care Rehab and be fitted with prosthesis. Your presence and support will help him to mentally spiritually and emotionally cope with the long road to recovery ahead. Please contact Hal, Alyssa or Peter to be added to the Care Calendar. 
With much Love & Gratitude, Jp’s family

Journal entry by libby kirkpatrick

"Happy New Years Day, Y'all! Being present with beautiful JP, I share: (Wishing words were easier to find to describe my intensely personal spiritual journey- as JP's soulmate, challenged to express all in my heart,though, Angels, I shall try:) 
Grand, great, gargantuan gratitude for JP and to Great Spirit and Community for your Devotion! 
JP's strength and determination overwhelm me ! JP's love shines through his eyes- his fire, I feel viscerally - 
Am humbled to witness the colors of JP's condition. My friend Saundra calls JP a 'beacon of inspiration' - says it all!
Now nourishing yummy foods are back in JP's body, as he adjusts to the solid foods, he is integrating back into wholeness. He sits up for periods of times now and is gaining strength- seems daily. In awe of JP's fierce ferocious spirit like a courageous lion! Even when set backs appear, JP 's amazing chi brightens, as he moves ahead. Together, we rejoiced in his healing...powerfully progressing, even through obstacles. 
Envisioning: JP  turning "poison into medicine", Smiling, comfortable, with an unshakable life condition. Always following his joy! 

Below is the video JP shared with me of Jennifer Hudson singing "Hallelujah"
It moved us deeply and we both felt viewing her sing, this shared moment meant much-
Our prayers are powerful- and they matter! Thank you for your compassionate hearts.
Loving Aloha Blessings from Austin to all! 
Marci "
Jennifer Hudson performs Hallelujah | Global Citizen Prize 2019 
Jennifer Hudson performs Hallelujah | Global Citizen Prize 2019

Jennifer Hudson performs Hallelujah at the Global Citizen Prize award ceremony on Dec. 13 at London’s iconic Roy...

Journal entry by libby kirkpatrick

Dear beloved Friends and Family of JP, John Peter,  Jahpha, Jepper-ketta-schlepper-ketta-flepper-epper-a-nepper, and any other name that the artist has formerly been known as. 
Happy Holidays! Happy(?) new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn!
May you be responding to this wild ride we call life with grace, gratitude and resilience!
May you be taking the utmost excellent care of yourself during this time. 
Here is something of word from the Allen family:

"Dear close family and friends of Jp, 
Please let us know if you are able to support JP this month anytime between Dec. 30-Jan 2, Jan 7-12 and Jan 20-26.  Please note, drop ins are unable to be accommodated. We ask that you please contact Hal Walker ( (330-554-5950) to be put on the visiting calendar.
Also, JP may have transitioned to a different place, (a rehabilitation center) soon,
so please do check in and on the location before making your accommodations, as we may have some suggestions.
With so much Gratitude 🏼 Jps family"

Journal entry by libby kirkpatrick

From Rose Miller

“To all who care deeply about our dear JP (Jahpa).  I am so grateful to have visited with him December 6-9.  It truly is a journey of recovery that JP is on.   He has come so far and there is still much strength to regain. 


First I will say how in awe I am at the ways JP’s family is attentive to and responsive to his needs on a daily bases.  As well as the way the community is coming together to love and support him at this time. 


As Steven said in his journal entry.  Patience from all of us who care and wish to be in contact is requested.  Just as JP himself is also finding patience as he gradually restrengthens his voice and body.  Yes, JP can speak for himself, as we all now know and this is wonderful!  Yet his energy is still very limited as his needs for rebuilding and recovery are paramount. He has many unanswered voicemails, emails and messages.  ALL of the prayers, love and support is so deeply appreciated.  Even if you have not heard a response.  Please know your care is being received by him at the pace he can integrate.  


Once each day that I was there I asked him would he like me to help him read, listen to and respond to incoming messages.  Each day he had energy for 2-4 messages or calls and then needed rest.  


Sometimes that was only me reading to him or playing for him the messages.  Other times he was actually able to find energy to also respond or talk.  


During our visit I enjoyed playing for him my bamboo flute.  He received the music with closed eyes and a restful, blissful expression.  


He kept this expression as I also read to him a meditation book we had shared in the past and enjoy in the present.  


Further updates on the medical note.  I was delighted to assist JP in physical therapy daily.  He is loving support with this and enjoying rebuilding his strength after almost 2 months in the hospital bed.  He is also rebuilding his lung strength and capacity daily.  Now that he can breathe on his own again.  


The last day I was there he had his tracheotomy removed.  So his neck is now completely free if any devices.  Amazing!  


Other big news while I was there is he has now been moved out of ICU and into a normal hospital room.  This means he has made tremendous progress.  


In the new room there is a large window.  So with nurses help we moved his bed so he may look out the window.  He can now see day, night, sun, stars, birds, buildings, clouds and outside life in general.  


I was also permitted to bring him fresh flowers (not allowed in ICU).   His face lit up smelling the dozen yellow roses in all of their floral potency.  He closed his eyes and buried his face in them.  For multiple deep long breaths.   When I thought he was finished I pulled them away and he said “One more time, those smell so good.”

He kept one yellow rose close to him to smell while the others where added to a vase nearby.  


He is also now allowed to have foods from outside the hospital, upon his request and only with nurse/Dr approval.  I was happy to help him with this. His desires and requests for certain foods and drinks are very clear and specific.  He is listening to his body as to what feels good to take in as he reintegrates some foods from outside of the hospital. Some of the newly reintroduced foods did cause nausea.  So it is gradual reintegration and learning process. Overall a celebration to be able to experience new flavors for the first time in a long time. 


He also now has a hospital staff member by his side 24/7.  An assistant to support him with basics.  Such as getting comfortable, eating and drinking.  Adjusting the hospital bed up and down.  This is especially important for long nights and the brief windows of hours here and there without a friend/family member. 


A delightful surprise occurred one evening I was there and JP had just stated his pain level was at a 7 (scale 1-10).  Mostly I heard him say it was around 4.  So this was unusual.  Just as he said this there was a knock on the door.  We answered and two retired nurses entered the room and introduced themselves.  They where going room to room volunteering to give aromatherapy and reiki sessions to the patients that wanted to receive.  When asked, JP said “Yes, I would love that!”  It was a beautiful unexpected offering at the most perfect time.  I can share with certainty that angels on the physical and celestial levels are watching over our beloved JP.   


This Includes each and every one of you, earth angels, your prayers and actions make a difference.” 

Journal entry by libby kirkpatrick

Good day, Friends and Family of JP!
Here is some news from Steven Ruddell:

"I visited JP December 4th. I’m so very grateful he is in such a fine hospital, with very kind and attentive nurses. He is being taken care of in the most wonderful way. I believe we might have lost amazing JP without them. I’m so grateful; in awe really, for the whole process.
I played harmonica for him, he shared, we meditated, and we made four touching calls. Such a beautiful healing day. Just amazing. He looks so beautiful and radiant. He has made huge gains in his recovery. I’m so proud of him. A nurse came in and asked him about his mood. He said “Ecstatic!” So much love in the room.
We were able to talk with each other in depth. He is very present and self-aware. He can express his needs easily and does.
He is no longer on dialysis. He is no longer taking any medication. He has no infection in his body. The pneumonia is completely gone. And today they took off his neck brace. We were celebrating as this had become increasingly an annoyance.
He still has pain, though under 5 (on a scale from 1 to 10). Today he was asked twice and he first said 3 and then later in the day 3-4. He’s been in a hospital bed for 6 weeks, so he’s uncomfortable at times. However, they moved him to a mechanical chair next to his bed and he sat up for a while. Even his bed can go up and down and we moved him up and down frequently as he sipped cranberry juice and crunched on ice.
Regarding more details of his situation, JP has asked to be able to share for himself, so JP asks that we all be a bit more patient for him to recover a little further and he’ll soon be able to talk and share himself with us. I’m sure the family will let you know when JP is ready for calls, emails and texts. Thank you for your understanding.
What I can tell you is that I have consulted with each member of the family and as challenging as this process is, with so many very hard decisions to make along the way, including medical procedures and managing the flow of a substantial number of visitors and people calling in for information, the family has been very thoughtful and caring in how they have proceeded. They have diligently explored options with the capable doctors and surgeons and have included as many alternatives as seemed advisable.  They have attempted to balance visiting and contact with the need for rest for JP and space for the ICU Team to function effectively. The family, has worked closely with JP and the doctors to make difficult, moment-to-moment care decisions. This has been and continues to be challenging. I know that the family, along with JP, is asking for everyone’s patience in receiving updates and responding to requests for information and involvement. They have told me that they will work toward regular, weekly updates on the CaringBridge site. 
The calls JP and I made together were all touching. JP is deeply in his heart and filled with love. I asked him what he wanted people to know. He said, “Please let them know how very deeply I appreciate the love, prayers, energy, thoughts and support flowing to me.” He’s taking in how much he is loved and cared for by family and friends. Your love is sustaining him in a wonderfully nurturing way.
From my recent experience, I can say unequivocally that the JP we know and love is back with us, wanting to live and connect with each of us in due time. What a shining light he is being right now. I walked out of his hospital room inspired and uplifted.
As wonderful as my day was, I am reminded that JPs path to healing is still steep and definitely has its ups and downs. All of our prayers and healing energy are still very much needed at this time.
May this holiday season be a time for deepening connection and renewal for all. 
Emails, photos, videos:
Financial contributions to JP may be made at the following site:    
Thank you dear ones and take excellent care out there, SEND LOVE!

Journal entry by libby kirkpatrick

From Jps sisters, Gillian & Alyssa: 
We are so incredibly grateful for the support JP has received over these past six weeks. It has been a great comfort to JP and his closest friends and family as he continues to battle with the strength and will of a true warrior in the ICU with the aid of his life saving medical team. The impact of the fall has caused extensive injury and many complications but we have also witnessed many miracles along the way. JP’s spirit is incredibly strong and he has been facing every procedure with courage and acceptance. He has been part of the the conversation with his medical team and family and has full knowledge of necessary surgeries and all he faces. He wishes to Live and Thrive and begin anew regardless of these difficult circumstances and the long road ahead. Currently, he is battling pneumonia and needs occasional oxygen to help clear his lungs. But he is breathing on his own now. He has been on and off dialysis because of damage to his kidneys. His pelvis and sacrum were surgically pinned and his spinal fractures are healing. He continues to wear a neck brace due to injury to his cervical vertebrae but there is no damage to his spinal cord. At some point he will need prosthetics for his right hand and left foot. He is able to speak now and his voice is getting stronger every day and he is beginning to eat solid food. He needs us all in communion now more than ever so he can heal and live to his greatest potential. With Love & Light 

Journal entry by libby kirkpatrick

Good Day, Dear Friends of JP :)
Thank you for your patience; it's been a long stretch since we've had an update. The prayers, the healing light and love, all so appreciated, and the family is sure to feel your support as well. I believe it has been a profound experience for us all to sense our friend and family member in such deep care by the invisible heart and hands of our collective,  ...and then the outstanding care of the nurses doctors and aids at his side 24/7 to boot, quite an awakening process is underway. 

Just a reminder that caring bridge gently solicits support by us, its users, and not to confuse that with the GOFUNDME page that JP's sister Gillian has initiates, ( ) so please do choose the way you might like to support with that awareness. And THANK YOU for that! Thank you for the calls, responses here, the reaching out.

So happy to write you today specifically to be able to tell you that Jp's voice has become significantly more audible again. As you might remember the sound of his voice, (go ahead, smile:) I think you'll be moved to smile along about that. That vibration conveys so much of his sparkle.
Speaking of sparkle there has also been steady feedback that the sparkle does still turn on quite strong; his expressive eyebrows, the gaze of the eyes... You might agree that our fellow has got that major mojo, and yep, it's working! Of course you might be thinking that the lungs power the harp sound too, so that is fun to think of happening soon ~ we can envision that!
There is more to say and I will continue to update you as I get the news and information.
At one point there was news that he wouldn't need the ventilator machine anymore, but it has been useful occasionally, so I wont make many specific details known except to say that if you can imagine lots of healthy bacteria to help with infection, that would be Helpful. Please do send COMFORTING thoughts. is up for you to communicate any written prayers, and tho you may not soon hear back, please know they are appreciated! (Whatever you use to focus your love is useful!)
Meanwhile, please take the time for whatever is your presence practice and send along with your prayers to JP and family (each other!)  the beauty of the light you see in the world around you from the discerning lens of your living breathing vehicle of unfathomable design genious. A big smile right into your hearts for staying attuned to our much beloved JP ALLEN!!! 

                     ~~~~~~ALOHA, CIAO, NAMASTE, KONNICHIWA, HABIBI, PEACE!~~~~~~


Journal entry by libby kirkpatrick

Good Day, Dear friends and family of JP!

It is the full moon in Taurus and the earthly celebration of life is happening in each of us right at this moment, where as you know, millions of microbes and the circulation of timeless light via cerebrospinal fluid through out our bodies weave the intensive fabric of breath and circumstances that move us through an experience which is of course nothing short of miraculous!
Today, I will speak to our perception of JP's adventure in his body: I have named this the JP Allen Project because it will be a never ending query and imagining of what has and is will be happening with our dear JP. The more we learn, the more we realize how much we don't "know"; moments come and go regardless of what we can understand, so ...LOVE.
REMEMBER our COLLECTIVE MISSION here, (should you choose to accept it):
First, a suggestion, create joyful alignment (big breath) , and then!:
IMAGINE/VISUALIZE THE BEST THINGS YOU CAN FOR THE JP ALLEN PROJECT, and perhaps we will be the co-conspirateurs of the highest possible outcome (for all beings involved). THANK YOU!!!!! <3 <3 <3 

COLEMAN Kelly is our guide by JP's side right now. He has been giving updates and keeping us as informed as possible of the complex happenings there in the neurological region of the hospital in LA. 
Facts: Lots of tissue is returning to life. At one point, the effort to keep life force going towards his heart and brain meant that it had to be dissuaded from his extremities. Now with his progress, the vasopressin is decreased, and his tissues are so far partially recovering in color and function. He has much more movement all over his body, and his eyes are bright and expressive. He's breathing without assistance now, but still has a tracheotomy machine to provide oxygen. Kidneys still need support but not constantly. 
Yesterday he sat up in a chair for 4 hours, his pelvis is healing with 4 pins to help.
Sentences are coming from JP, and common requests.
"Pull me out!" Was yesterday's request for sunshine outside. 
His care team is very inspiring, says Coleman! There at the hospital,
with help from the Joe Dispenza's advanced healing focus group,
the invisibles, and YOU-all AMAZING creators and visualizers!!

Thank you for your comments and photos and memories and aspirations for future plans with JP in the well wishes section. These are so helpful. It is my hope to post some of JP's tunes here next time. What are some of your favorites?
Why not dig them up and give them a spin as the soundtrack for your mission contributions?
LOVE to all of you amazing people who have been tuning in and feeling the fabric our connectedness - creating healing as we go. Do be so gentle with yourselves in this time while we are all so delicate as things fall apart and come together in the creation of our dense form here on planet earth. YOU are MATTER because YOU MATTER :D
Thank you for being willing to feel and move through this experience with compassion and patience. 
I do apologize for my tone today if it is not fitting for you, it was quite an adventure to put this into writing. 
Do you know someone who loves JP that might not know about this website? 
Please pass on the url to these friends. It seems that there might be good a window for visits coming in the not too distant future, we will let you know. Please be in touch and take great care.
PS As you know, the Journal entries go back a ways, with links, and information that you may want to seek out. I can be helpful to a point (I'm in VT, ) and am willing to field questions if you feel you need more information. 512-619-1513

Journal entry by libby kirkpatrick

Dear beloved Family and Friends of JP,

I am writing to connect you to JP here, and to debrief you on the story of his fall last Friday, Oct 18th, which happened in the morning in the city of Los Angeles,  CA. It is said to have been 20 feet and his body is quite damaged with broken bones and requires life support one week later. He is attended by sisters Alyssa and Gillian, and Father Peter at this time, and is said to be in communion with Yiayia Elizabeth while he is held in still and silent restoration.
You know and love JP's radiance and warmth as he was not too shy with it, and if you can reflect that back to him amongst this group and exponentially beyond, you will be part of the intrinsic healing process for this beautiful friend of ours. We can all benefit from these healing thoughts at this time, and undoubtedly JP will be receiving the best care.
The Allen family are feeling and appreciating the flood of love and support! (THANK YOU!)
We all have so many questions and concerns, but we can serve JP and family best at this time by not calling but instead allowing them privacy. You may reach out to me if necessary,
Or better, post here if there are specific and immediate ways you feel you can help in the crisis period.  (Lodging, food, healing, etc)
Their presence and energy needs to with JP at the moment.
Thank you all for holding JP in the light of your love.

Please take a moment to comment here in response to the journal entries made;
or head on over to well wishes and send your love there.
All are welcome to comment, it is listed as a public sight as of this moment.
Thank you for your help to generate love as this collective - know that as folks read and remember his all of his grace through your reflections, we will surely help light him up and keep ourselves alight during this time. Thank you so much for your loving energy contribution. 

Libby K <3

PS Please note that caring bridge accepts donations, that the Allen family is not receiving donations through this site.
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