We Have A Discharge Date!

Y’all! I cannot believe it! We are on track to go home NEXT WEEK! Next Monday is the day that is set to walk out of the hospital with my baby in my arms after 13 weeks in the NICU! After 90 goodbyes, I FINALLY won’t have to do that anymore. 

Now, all of this depends on if Anna can keep her feeds up all on her own. So far, she’s been doing well. For the last 3 days she’s been taking all/most of her bottles. Starting tomorrow, they will allow her to eat on demand for 48 hours. She has to gain weight during that time in order to pass. If she can do that, then her feeding tube will come out and they’ll watch her for an additional 48 hours. If she can make it, then we’re FREE!

Anna will be going home on oxygen, but we don’t care. We just want her with us. 

Please pray for her to do well with all her feedings for the next 4 days. And pray for us as we hectically run around preparing all the things to drive back to Texas.

If all works out, I should be sleeping in my own bed next Friday night for the first time since before Thanksgiving!

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