Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

The check up today went good! We were “screened” when we got to the hospital, asked if we had a fever, shortness of breath, or cough in the past 48 hours. All of the waiting rooms had signs on the chairs every couple of feet, saying they’d like people to be spaced out due to the Corona virus. There were still quite a few people there though!

Ten has been feeling very good! Little to NO nausea meds during the day. Eating a good amount of food, at least one meal and a couple snacks a day! Yay! 

I should add, in the past when she’s been “eating” I have had to push her, make her food, make sure she’s eating, or doing 3 meal replacement shakes a day. I haven’t had to do that at all this time! 

The nutritionist we met with was happy with what Ten was eating, gave us a few more high calorie options we haven’t tried before! We will start easing into the goal of 1800 calories a day.Her oncology team was more than happy with how she is doing, but the big question now is “why?”, why all of the sudden is she feeling good? Not nauseous? And even hungry? We don’t know, but we will take it! We are going to try Marinol again, which is a hunger stimulant derived from THC. She has been on this before, and it did make her hungry but it also made her dizzy. Enough to make her want to stop taking it. However we are going to try it again with a smaller dose. Hopefully this mixed with less meds, and no chemo this will help! She took it tonight and ate a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies, some potato olays, and some pizza fries. So I’d say it’s working! 

If everything stays this way, we won’t have to go back for a month! We really hope it works out this time. But I feel like I’m just waiting for it to go back to how it was. Which sucks, but is a very real possibility. It also sucks that Tenley is finally feeling good enough to go out, enjoy things but we have to practice social distancing. Her numbers are better but she’s still at risk. 

In the mean time Tenley will be working on building her strength back up with at home physical therapy. Maybe going back to work. I’ll be working and taking my classes online. And we will continue fighting with insurance to get things covered, get things back dated, etc. 

Here’s to eating, and hopefully a month inbetween hospital visits 🤞🏻

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