Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Nothing to big today and not going home. 😔 In order to go home her feedings have to be at 75ml and right now she’s at 45ml/hr. They up it 10ml every 12 hours, but have just increased that. Should be going home tomorrow afternoon and she is tolerating it well! 

We also talked with the psychiatrist and she suggested that her nerves could have become conditioned to the n/v and her body just wants to keep doing that subconsciously. We don’t think this, and her oncology team isn’t fully onboard. But they gave Ten the option to try biofeedback therapy. It won’t hurt, and it’s another thing eliminated from what could be causing the n/v. So she’s gonna try it! 

Her oncology team apologized for how the day went yesterday. Which was greatly appreciated. They also took away several of Tens meds including the steroid she was just prescribed. Hoping the increased nutrition helps! 

I went home tonight because I have to work tomorrow, and Tens boyfriend (Huntyr) is staying with her. But Tenley will be getting all the supplies around 9am tomorrow and should be headed home shortly after that. 
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