Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

WHAT A DAY. And not a good one at that, things have been ROUGH today. Last night we were told Tenleys tube advamcement would be done at 10:45am (putting it past her stomach into her intestines while watching scans). 

At 8am they woke us up and said they need to put the NG tube into her stomach because they could get the advancement done sooner. So they placed the tube which was an awful experience for Ten full of gagging and vomiting. She does not like the feeding tube, as it’s uncomfortable. Hopefully this will get better with time. We then have a GI consult filled with all of the questions we’ve had before and even last week. They decided they needed an ultrasound of gallbladder and something else. Then comes nutrition consult, they just heard of Tenley and need to order the supplies STILL. 

At 11 they finally take Tenley down for what we thought was the advancement, but no just X-ray and ultrasound of something. Then we meet with oncology team they just say they need to get the advancement  done. Then comes psychiatry consult, because someone unbeknown to us thinks the N/V is from anxiety. Pretty much ruled that out, but might change some meds. 

2pm she’s finally, FINALLY down for the advancement. And I’ve had some words with the head oncologist, who understands my frustrations. As this was not a planned admission and things should not be taking this long. 

4pm she gets taken down for ultrasound AGAIN because they didn’t get everything the first time.

5pm first feeding FINALLY starts.

We will get sent home with the formula, pump and other feeding supplies. However we have yet to talk to them or learn anything about feedings.Who knows what time that will happen tomorrow. Hopefully we get out tomorrow, at this rate seems like we will be here forever.

We are both frustrated after a very long day. Our understating was that this stay was for the NG tube to get placed and go home with it. It should not be taking this long. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.   Also if you see the picture, hopefully we are able to tape it to a more comfortable position, there is no way she can have it like that day to day. 

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