Sharon Zimmerman|May 2, 2019 (edited)
Keep up the fight Tenley! You got this! Sending hugs!
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Nicole Smith|May 2, 2019
U got this Ten!!! So glad the surgery went well and theres no doubt u will kick cancers ass!!!
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Jodi Kardin|May 2, 2019 (edited)
Such positive news and spirit! Keep up the good fight! You have an army behind you!!!
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Russ Conner|May 2, 2019
OUTSTANDING!!!!!! I am truly happy for you sunshine. One day at a time. Keep smiling and keep fighting. And again. If you need ANYTHING please let me know.
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Peggy Herold|May 2, 2019
Thank you for the update! So glad the surgery went well and she is such a strong, determined, and extremely sweet little girl 💖.
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Wendi Schroeder|May 1, 2019
So glad to hear surgery went well. Praying for your recovery!! God bless.
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Sandy and Ron Shave|May 1, 2019
So happy to hear your surgery went well and that
you’re already feeling much better. Sending love to you & your family & prayers for a speedy & complete recovery. Stay strong!
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Celia Bethke|May 1, 2019
So happy to know the surgery went well and Tenley is doing so good. I hope all goes well from here on!
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Megan Kunz|May 1, 2019
So blessed to see how well shes doing! Keep pushing through Ten! Love and miss you lots!❤️ Also Mayzie thank you so much for keeping us updated!
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Marcy Olson|May 1, 2019
You’ve got this Tenley!!! The best thing you can do is have a positive tude, and looks like you’ve already got it ;-) you’re gonna kick this cancer in it’s big fat booty!!! I’m rooting for you!!! <3
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