Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Sorry it took so long for the update, we wanted to wait until Tenley was conscious enough to let her know the results before we shared with everyone else. 

Lets start of with the positive. Tenley is doing AMAZING. She is her funny, sarcastic, crazy, loving self again and we couldn't be more happy or blessed. She wanted to hold everyone's hand the second they got in the room, so everyone knew she was okay and they didn't have to be scared. When she sat up for the first time there was no more pain, pressure, nausea or dizziness. The only thing she was concerned about was getting her catheter out so she could pee on her own. The nurse said at 7PM they would take it out, and ten being ten talked her down to 5PM. SHE IS SO STRONG. An hour after she woke up from surgery she was ready to stand up and start moving.  The nurses say she gets the award for fastest out of bed after having brain surgery. She has no more headaches (she hasn't been headache free for 2 months). That being said the only pain she is in is her jaw and neck from the way she was positioned from the surgery, and her IV sites are sore. She is very emotional and filled with the joy and support of all the family, community members, etc. 

Surgery resulted in what they think is a complete removal (cant be 100%) of the largest mass on the left side of her brain. She has not had any complications so fat, no shunts or drains. The incision to the back of her head is minimal. The preliminary test show that she has medulloblastoma. This is the most common form of pediatric cancer, and has a high survival rate. They are pretty confident no more surgery will have to be done, but another form of treatment will be administered to get rid of the tumors on the right side. This will most likely be a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. Tenley is very optimistic, and already a fighter. 

Tenley, her family, and the surgeons are VERY optimistic. We are not concerned about the future, just focusing on her recovery from surgery. 

I'll leave you with some of Tens comments today:
"Mayzie, can you tickle my back so I can go pee?"
"The first thing I said when I woke up is, make sure Mayzie knows I'm awake and okay"
Us giving her options for who she can see next, ten: "Um, Tenley runs the show here"
Her standing up not dizzy: "I haven't been not dizzy in months, I want to cry"
"Are there mini helicopters in here?" talking about her IV drip 
"I deserve this ice cream" 

And last but not least, my favorite, and what will continue to fuel Tenleys journey through treatment: "So I don't have cancer, just my tumor is cancerous"

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