Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Day 8 of the chemo cycle 3 today! Just one little does of chemo in outpatient! Some of Tens blood count were low, but she was still able to do chemo! She’s doing really good, a couple side effects from treatment including some nausea and low apetite. She was put on a appetite stimulant again today to help, as she has lost some weight. She has taken on a slight cold/cough and that’s what most of her symptoms are from right now.  Otherwise we go back November 11th for a week, for scans and chemo. 

Just a reminder that Tens benefit is November 2nd, already a little over a week away! Make sure you come for live music and food all day! If you would like to donate contact me or anyone of my family members! 

Also a reminder to sign up for painting by Monday!

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Back in Rochester!! For chemo round 3!! Crazy to think we are almost half way done. Tenleys counts look really good! We met our new oncologist today and we really like him already! We also both got our flu shots today which were highly recommended to both of us due to Tenleys compromised  immune system! Fingers crossed for getting out of here Friday night instead of Saturday morning 🤞🏻 

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Tenley is feeling and doing great! Her blood counts also look good we go back October 16th for round 3! 

Just wanted to post a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT for the benefit!! 


1st prize: Red 2019 CFMOTO CFORCE 500 ATV
2nd prize: Ariens Snowblower
3rd prize:  65” TV
4th prize: Recliner 

Huge thank you to Brad and Missy Bethke, Black River Power Sports, Kannel Trucking, Thayer Real Estate, Tugger’s Cafe, and the York-Northfield Sportsmen’s Club!! 

Winners will be announced at the benefit!! 

Buy tickets from anyone of my family members or at Augusta Tire and Auto!!!

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Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

In Rochester for the day. Had blood drawn and some complications came with that, Ten had blurred vision and vomiting after they accessed her, and again after they drew blood. They aren’t sure what happened, but took some extra blood for cultures just to be safe. They also gave her antibiotics through her port to make sure there is no bacteria in there. She feels better now, and is in for our last appointment before we head home. We did get news that our primary pediatric oncologist is leaving so we are saddened with that news 😭

Otherwise blood draws twice a week, to make sure numbers are okay. Hopefully now a two week break , with NO hospital visits!! We start back with chemo again on October 16th. 

Stay tuned for some HUGE news for Tenleys Benefit! 

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Treatment is going so much better this round! NO PUKING, NO NAUSEA, AND SHES EATING! We are so happy it is finally getting easier, after a month of hell this is what we needed. Last dose of chemo is at 12AM tonight, and we should be out of here at 9AM tomorrow!

Some updates on the benefit:
We are doing a painting class at 1pm, the cost is $55. I've attached the print options below and they can all be customized. The more people we have paint, the more money we get back for Ten. Register by October 19th at: 

Also we have got some of a HUGE prize donated. We are looking for monetary donations to help cover the rest of the cost. I don't want to say what yet, in case we cant cover it. But message me for details. Let me know if you or your business would like to "sponsor" this item!! 

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Yes!! Ten came back home yesterday afternoon! Just a change of nausea med and back on steroids. Hoping for a couple days home before chemo on Wednesday!! After only one round of “big chemo” she’s noticing her eyebrows falling out, leg hair not growing back, etc. Crazy how fast this stuff happens! Here’s to a couple days home 🤞🏻

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Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

This week Tenley had an entire GI scope done with biopsy, they were able to do it without the cleanse. All of the results came back normal, except a few darker red spots on GI tract due to the continuous vomiting. She also had a swallow study done, which also came back normal. We were kind of hoping for results, so we could have a reason for all these symptoms. So now they changed her primary nausea medication, and added a steroid again. While in the hospital she has been getting TPN or IV nutrition to help. However she has been eating the past 2 days. They are saying as long as she stays feeling good and keeps her oral meds down she can leave Saturday but we are hoping for Friday. 😉 We start the second round of chemo again on Wednesday the 18th. We have been in and out of the hospital the past month with 3 days being the most we have been home. We hope this next round goes better. 

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

The new meds were only a temporary fix. We are back in the ER after continuous nausea and vomiting. Her pancreatic and liver enzymes were elevated so they decided to do a CT of her abdomen. It ended up showing her colon is inflamed, and they want another consult in Rochester with GI. As of now it looks like a consult for a possible colonoscopy. This brings up issues because she can’t keep anything down to do the cleanse. So they will have her admitted to keep her hydrated, and IV nausea medications. Hopefully this gives us some answers as to why she can’t keep anything in. 

I started back to work on Friday, and work all this week. So our Aunt will be staying with Tenley in Rochester. It will be very hard for me not to be there with her.  This is too many days in the hospital for anyone. Hopefully this is our answer 🙌🏻 

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

We are going home! They had GI come in to make sure it wasn’t something else that was causing her nausea and vomiting. They did some test and her lipase or pancreatic enzymes came back elevated. This could be the cause to nausea and vomiting. The leveled weren’t a huge increase, but enough they did an ultrasound to make sure her pancreas wasn’t enlarged. Everything looked good! We got a new schedule of meds and hopefully this keeps us on track 🤞🏻 Hopefully 2 weeks off! 

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

For the past month and a half Ten has been having bad headaches when any pressure is applied i.e laughing, coughing, sneezing, she gets bad headaches, to the point where they would immobilize her. The past couple of weeks things have gotten worse, vomiting, dizziness, sweating, loss of balance. After numerous E.R. visits and appointments she was treated with migraines. Today she went in, they finally gave her a CAT scan and found a mass on the back left side of her brain. Soon after they flew her to Rochester. An MRI showed a sizable tumor on the left side, and unknown amount on the right side. They are concerned with the pressure being put on the cerebellum. It looks like she will be having surgery tomorrow. No food or fluids after midnight. She is able to communicate you can contact her through her phone, please no phone calls. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I will be updating every chance I can.  
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