Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Going home, finally! We planned on leaving at 6am as her meds were done at 4:30am. However her magnesium was low, so they gave an infusion and we are now leaving at 12:30 with normal levels! 

Side note: Ten got fitted for her wig Friday! It’s so close to her natural color and she’s super excited! 

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

SCANS ARE CLEAR AGAIN!!! They look the same as last time (which is good)! Everything is clear, but the end of her spine still lights up a little bit, this is probably still effects of the radiation. But nothing to worry about!

Tenley has a hearing test before each chemo round, because the chemo can effect her hearing. This time they found that she has a “grade one hearing loss”. This isn’t too much of a concern, but they will continue monitoring it so it doesn’t get any worse. If it gets worse they will adjust the amount of chemo she gets, but at this time they feel the chemo amount is more beneficial, and they don’t want to reduce it. They said it can be fixed with hearing aids if it’s really bothering her. The little side effects of chemo are starting to add up.

As for now chemo round four is up and running!! We were hoping to get things stated earlier as things have to fall perfectly into place to get out of here Friday night, but looks like that won’t be happening... again. 

I posted a picture of a book and I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this book. It was very difficult for me to read, having to take frequent breaks in the waiting room while Ten had her MRI. It is crazy how much we can relate to this book, and how much is different. It was very emotional and brought back the exact feelings I had during surgery,scans,etc. Its very relatable to brain tumor diagnosis and cancer in general. I read it in less than a day! We downloaded and bought it on Walmartebooks, but it’s available on Amazon! (I already posted this on Facebook, sorry!) 

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Back in Rochester!! After a not so easy 2 week break we are back for scans and chemo round 4! Today ten had an MRI of brain and upper spine, tomorrow will be lower spine. We will get the results Wednesday morning, and start chemo Wednesday night!! I’ll update Wednesday on scan results and any chemo updates. 🙂🧠

As for now, Tens still not eating a ton but she’s sticking to 2-3 breakfast essentials a day. She’s noticing more issues with balance and strength lately (chemo side effects). She’s overall more tired most days. But still pushing through in the most positive way!! 🥰

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

**Long Post Warning**

WE RAISED OVER $25,000 for Tenley to go towards her fight with cancer. 

How do we even begin to say thank you, what an AMAZING night full of support and love. 💕 We were in awe of how busy it was all day! I cannot say enough thanks to each and everyone that came! We are overwhelmed by the continuous support could not be more grateful for the Augusta community!! Talk about a “small town” feel. 

Thank you so much to Black River Power Sports, Thayer Real-estate, Brad and Melissa Bethke, Y-N sportsmen’s club, Kannel Trucking, and Tugger for sponsoring the four wheeler. 

Thank you to Subway, Becker processing, Frito Lay, Al Berry, Sandberg family, Tugger, and Bushes for sponsoring the food!! And also to everyone who baked for the bake sale!! And for the Y-N Sportsmen’s club for serving! 

Thank you to Jamie’s Last resort, the Sobotta family, and Steve Raush for sponsoring the beer! 

Thank you to Thrivent Financial and the Augusta FFA Alumni for sponsoring the benefit and making sure all of our cost were covered!! 

Thank you to Chicago Bobs Gun Shop and JSK Trucking for sponsoring the gun raffle! 

I can’t say thank you enough to everyone that helped me put this on! Especially with a week stay in the hospital leading up to the benefit, they really pulled through. Rather it was asking for donations, serving food or setting up and taking down this would not have been possible without every single one of them!! 

Thank you Lindsey Walker, Tory Walker, Alicia Boldt, Derek Boldt, Isabel Lane, Joseph Borchardt, Tanner Walker, Sam Witte, Aly Wedward, Brittany Bue, Kassidy Larson, Larry Gardner Jr., Dana Abrahamson Wedward, Eric Wedward, Holly Larson and Nick, Samantha Becker, Shelby Rios and friends, Danielle Davenport, Wendy Stary, Heidi Hughes, Ed Hughes, the entire Goss family, and my grandparents!! 

And last but not least a HUGE shoutout to my “right hand man” and the person that helped me out the most, Courtney Goss . She really took this on as if it was her own sister and I could not be more grateful for her! We literally ran everything by each other, rather it was the biggest or smallest decision. This would not have been the event it was without her! Thanks Court, so much love and appreciation for you 💕 Let is know if you need an event planned, but give us a couple month break 😂

I have some cases of water left, and they were donated, we would like to donate them back, let me know if there is an event in need! I also have a a TON of Tshirts left so please let me know if you need one! Also due to popular demand, we will probably be taking orders for the Team Tenley mugs, but again give us a month or two 😅

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

WE ARE GOING HOME!! After 5 nights in the hospital we can FINALLY go home! Last night we were up every 2 hours due to nausea meds, antibiotics, pump malfunctions, blood, etc. Ten is feeling better, but still a little nauseous and not hungry. Hopefully as the steroids kick in more she feels better. For now, we are going home and SLEEPING (and then doing benefit stuff)!! 😴😴😴

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday! We’ve both been exhausted, with very little sleep. Ten is feeling a lot better today, ordered lunch which is a huge step even if she hasn’t eaten it yet! She’s been nauseous pretty much the whole time we have been here, so this morning I asked what steroid dose they have been giving her, and they hadn’t been giving any. Which she is supposed to be, so it got lost somewhere in admissions. Steroids have been the only thing to help Tenleys nausea throughout treamemt so things should get better soon. 

Her Absolute Neutrophil count is at 400, and needs to be 500 for us to leave! Yesterday it was 210 so it should be no issue for us to leave tomorrow (finally). Her platelets are at 20,000 and they don’t like them to be below 30,000 so she will be getting a platelet transfusion today. Things are finally looking like we are getting out soon 🙏🏻
The benefit is 4 days away!! Please contact me with any last minute donations!! We hope to see everyone there, Tenley has blood counts on Thursday so it depends on those if she’s going to be there or not! 

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Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Happy Birthday to Ten!! A little before midnight they finally took her normal blood tests and it came back with a low hemoglobin (6.9),  low platelets (27), and low WBC (100). So the first thing Tenley received for her 19th birthday was a blood infusion! How crazy! Anyways the doctor came in this morning and figures it’s probably an infection in the lungs. They are still treating her with broad spectrum antibiotics and we can’t leave here until her WBC is anywhere in the 300-500. So I guess we are watching the Packer game here tonight. 💚💛

On another note, the nurses have been AMAZING! They all wished her a happy birthday the second they started, and this afternoon they all came in (with masks of course) and sang Happy Birthday with cupcakes! Her lunch also came with a birthday card, and note on the receipt 🙂 Not happy to be in the hospital, but grateful for an amazing staff 💕

I should add Tenleys cough is WAY better today, but she’s still not feeling good. Can’t eat, nauseous, and exhausted. 

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Still no answers. Despite the smile Tens still not feeling good. She’s still got a bad cough, fever, headache, nauseous, puking, and elevated pulse. They didn’t do her normal blood work, so I’m not sure what her blood counts look like. I think the plan is just wait for her blood cultures to come back to see if there’s anything to treat? Hopefully this brings us some answers, and she feels better soon. Otherwise continuing fluids, nausea meds, and some broad spectrum antibiotics.

(Reminder to wish her a happy birthday tomorrow) 

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Well, back in the hospital. Ten has has a terrible cough and just wasn’t feeling good all day Friday. We went to the Osseo ER per her hematology/oncology nurses recommendation to rule out anything serious. Turns out her blood counts are super low, her blood platelets are at 33 (they start to worry when you get below 50). While In the ER she developed a fever, and was even throwing up. She is now neutropenic, which can be super dangerous. This means her immune system is very compromised and her symptoms could be anywhere from a simple virus or an infection. They are treating her with broad spectrum antibiotics and fluids until all the tests come back. Her fever is down, but still not feeling the best. 

Ten was transferred to Eau Claire (at 12AMm) by ambulance. She was pretty upset to be in the hospital again (it’s supposed to be our weeks off), and it’s her birthday on Sunday. But “at least it’s not an important birthday”. 😂😂 I’ll keep you updated as always, can’t leave until her numbers start to come back up. No visitors at this time as her immune system can’t handle the germs! 🦠

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

For the past month and a half Ten has been having bad headaches when any pressure is applied i.e laughing, coughing, sneezing, she gets bad headaches, to the point where they would immobilize her. The past couple of weeks things have gotten worse, vomiting, dizziness, sweating, loss of balance. After numerous E.R. visits and appointments she was treated with migraines. Today she went in, they finally gave her a CAT scan and found a mass on the back left side of her brain. Soon after they flew her to Rochester. An MRI showed a sizable tumor on the left side, and unknown amount on the right side. They are concerned with the pressure being put on the cerebellum. It looks like she will be having surgery tomorrow. No food or fluids after midnight. She is able to communicate you can contact her through her phone, please no phone calls. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I will be updating every chance I can.  
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