Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Last day of chemo ✅ 

It was a great day! Everything went really good. Ten had a hearing aid consultation and has a fitting next time we are in Rochester. Met with a different oncologist, hers was at the hospital, talked about how’s she’s feeling, blood counts, and what’s next. I forgot to mention ten was in the ER twice since the big round of chemo, once for her Neulasta injection, once for not feeling good. Everything checked out counts were good and some fluids did the trick. 
We talked about that today, planned to check counts Friday. Her hemoglobin was low 7.9, so won’t be suprised if she gets an infusion Friday. 

Chemo went really good! Just a short infusion and we were out of there! I suprised Ten with the shirt and sweatshirt pictured today (thank you Allison Herman), she was super excited. She received a pin for completing chemo and the nurses on the pediatrics floor made her a sign, along with many congratulations. Thank you everyone for posting pictures and your reassuring words. The support we have had this journey has been unbelievable .It just doesn’t seem real that we won’t have to do it again. Ten still has a lot of recovering to do, but she’s very excited to be done with treatment.

I’ll post another update soon, about what’s next for us. For now, we are both going to bed it’s been a very long day! Next time we are in Rochester is February 3rd for scans! 

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

IN ROCHESTER FOR THE LAST DAY OF CHEMO (tomorrow)!!! Made it before the snow started! Appointments from 8:30-11:45, then a break (probably a nap at the hotel) and her last chemo starts at 3pm!! 

Reminder to wear you Team Tenley shirts and post your pictures! Let’s show her ALL of the support tomorrow! Reminder no bell ringing 😔

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

We got home at 3:15am this morning! Ten got done with chemo at around 12:45am and we did not want to stay another night in the hospital! So we drove home at 1am! We’d rather drive late at night to sleep in our own beds than stay another night in the hospital and get home who knows when! Plus we didn’t want to risk the weather! 

Today Ten slept literally all day, up for a couple of hours. But between not going to bed until 4am and being wiped out from chemo she’s exhausted. 

Last day of chemo Tuesday! Reminder to wear your t shirts!! Until then we will probably lay low! Thanks for the continued support! 

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Back in Rochester for our 6th and FINAL ROUND!! 🎉 Appointments all day today, hearing loss is still a grade 3, hasn’t gotten worse, hasn’t gotten better. Blood counts were all good, her platelet count is actually in the “normal range”. They still aren’t doing the cisplatin this round due to the hearing loss, good for us because that’s what caused most of Tens nausea,vomiting previously. Ten has actually finished her chemo for today, just finishing up with mesna (protects and cleans chemo out of the bladder). Just another round of chemo tomorrow, not saying when we “should” get out because it always changes. Frustrating today already got here at noon didn’t start chemo til after 4. 🙄

The past two weeks Ten has felt okay. Always exhausted and never hungry. We both caught a cold, inevitable with everyone we saw over the holidays. She started physical therapy to help build her strength back up. It’s going good, she was sent to urgent care after one round because she got dizzy and threw up.(Actually New Years Eve) But, blood counts were good and fluids did the trick!

Public service announcement from probably anyone with a compromised immune system: stay home if you’re sick! Even a common cold! It’s a lot easier for you to stay home for a couple days than it is for the immunosuppressed to stay home for 6 months or more. Constantly worried about Ten catching something that could put us in the hospital for another week. 🙄 and we are careful! 

I will update whenever we get to leave here but Tenleys last and FINAL FINAL day of chemo will be Tuesday the 14th! I will be asking everyone to wear their Team Tenley shirts and post pictures to support her on this super important milestone in her treatment! The floor she gets chemo on does not have a bell. 

Ps. Catch me writing a book or a manual on wheelchair etiquette! So frustrating some days! 

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Back in Rochester for the day! Drove here this morning, and we will be going back home in less than an hour! Ten is feeling 1000 times better then she normally does after chemo! Crazy how much just ONE drug can effect you SO much. Her numbers were down today platelets 48 and hemoglobin 6.8 so she’s getting red blood cells right now and checking blood counts again Friday, assuming she’s gonna need platelets! The only thing they are a little concerned about is Tens weight (she’s lost some), but she’s still eating so we will just go back to protein shakes twice a day to help! Obviously it’s not good when they need to take a chemotherapy drug out of the treatment plan due to side effects, but right now we are thankful for it 🙏🏻 Ten is feeling SO SO good and not nauseous (this hasn’t happened in MONTHS)  ❤️ It feels about time we get a break 😅

Hoping for a nice and easy 2 week break for the holidays and treatments starts again January 7th! 

We’d like to thank everyone for the continued support and Merry Christmas ❤️

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

We are home! We got home around 2ish, roads weren’t the best, still a lot of people in the ditch, but we made it! Ten did get nauseated and vomited last night. But, she seems to be doing better this round all ready. Yesterday we got to paint bowls, they will get sent to the kiln and then to our house. Just something to get us out of the room. We also received two hats from Love Your Melon. Such a popular brand, I kind of forgot they do this. But so appreciated! All of the kids were running around with them all day. Highly recommend this brand and there cause! 

Chemo again next Tuesday. Tenleys hemoglobin is already low (7.3) so I suspect a transfusion soon!  

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Back in Rochester for round 5! Thankfully we didn’t have to come last night 🙏🏻 We were supposed to for early morning appointments today but they moved stuff around for us! The roads still weren’t the best as we got closer to Rochester, tons of people in the ditch, going 45mph at times, and even an accident right downtown but we made it! Each round she has a hearing test as the type of chemo she gets (cisplatin) can effect it. This time they determined that she has a grade 4 hearing loss and recommend hearing aids. Her oncologist said that he doesn’t want to see it get worse, so no more cisplatin in her treatment plan. He feels very comfortable removing it from the plan as the initial surgery had good margins, the radiation worked, and the scans all look good. This means a shorter stay for us (we just aren’t sure how short yet)!

Hopefully with the lesser amount of chemo, the less amount of side effects. But we don’t know! The oncologist and her oncology nurse both predict a couple of transfusions of RBCs and platelets. 

She did have another platelet transfusion on November 29th, I just didn’t post about it. I’ll blame it on the holidays! 😉

Side note: Yes, we know that this is the second to last round. Yes, we are getting excited to get back to “normal”. But keep in mind that these rounds are NOT easy. It takes everything out of Tenley and she is miserable for at least a week after, usually more. So yes we are positive about our journey, but just remember this as you might say “only two left, right?” Because the “only two left” takes a whole lot out of her, and me. 

Hoping side effects stay minimal with Christmas being 15 days away! 

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Tenley had labs done yesterday, and her platelets came back very low at 14 (normal is 157-371). They couldn’t get her in yesterday, but we are in Eau Claire for a platelet transfusion now. Hopefully we aren’t in for more than a couple hours. The past 5 days she’s been extremely nauseous and vomiting everyday. She couldn’t even keep her daily meds down. So they put her back on steroids, and we know this works! She even ate last night which is HUGE. Hopefully she continues feeling good as the holiday festivities continue. Chemo starts again December 11th, so hopefully no more updates until then! 

Side note: her hemoglobin is up to 10, so that’s good! 

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Back in Rochester... again... unexpectedly. We knew Ten would probably have too have a transfusion today due to her numbers on Wednesday. They called Eau Claire on Wednesday and all was good for Tenley to receive blood there today. However today when called they were “full” and Osseo wouldn’t be able to get the blood until tomorrow. Her numbers are very low hemoglobin 6.3 (normal 11.6-16) and platelets 46 (normal 157-371) so she had to get a transfusion today. That being said a trip to Rochester for us. Left at noon, and should be getting out of here around 9pm. Ten is feeling okay, not nauseos but just feeling a little off. Probably due to blood counts being low. 

Ten is considered neutropenic again so her immune system is very compromised. We will be spending the weekend at home and hoping her numbers are up by Thanksgiving! 🙏🏻🦃

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

Rochester... again... today! The chemo for round 4 is officially almost over (done in an hour)! We had radiation follow up, endocrinology, labs, and oncology appointments today. Labs are low hemoglobin and probably platelets. Re-checking labs Friday and a possible blood transfusion to hopefully get her levels up and her feeling better. The past couple of days she’s been extremely exhausted, nauseous, and puking. We switched up some medications so hopefully she starts feeling better soon! 

Also switched up the schedule a little bit, her rounds will now start on Tuesdays, so hopefully out of here on Fridays for “big chemo”. 

So for now, 2 week break and round 5 appointments will start December 10th and chemo December 11th. 

Journal entry by Mayzie Walker

For the past month and a half Ten has been having bad headaches when any pressure is applied i.e laughing, coughing, sneezing, she gets bad headaches, to the point where they would immobilize her. The past couple of weeks things have gotten worse, vomiting, dizziness, sweating, loss of balance. After numerous E.R. visits and appointments she was treated with migraines. Today she went in, they finally gave her a CAT scan and found a mass on the back left side of her brain. Soon after they flew her to Rochester. An MRI showed a sizable tumor on the left side, and unknown amount on the right side. They are concerned with the pressure being put on the cerebellum. It looks like she will be having surgery tomorrow. No food or fluids after midnight. She is able to communicate you can contact her through her phone, please no phone calls. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I will be updating every chance I can.  
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