Thoughts & Well Wishes

Kay Kurka | Sep 7, 2011
Tena- I was checking on another caringbridge friend and saw yours again.  I am sending all kinds of good juju to you.  I don't believe I ever be the same- and in large part, my short talks and meetings with you have made a difference in my life- You Rock on sister!
Kay Kurka | Nov 5, 2010
Hey Tina!  I was responding to another caringbridge and I thought of you.  It sounds like you are doing well---of course that was in March.  It is November so I hope and believe that you are still truckin'!  I am as well.  I have a few blips every now and then, but so far, my truck is in fine runnin' order.

I think of you often and send you and Stephen, and your kid, lots of positive juju.  I too find that as long as I keep movin' my body, I definitely feel better. 

Take care my friend!  LoveLoveLove-
Kay Kurka
lexie murray | May 13, 2007
Hi Tena May!

This is such a great idea! I love the pictures and the lavender theme (my favorite color is also purple!). Mostly I am writing to send lots of love and smile-vibs across the ocean from Norway. We are thinking about you and hoping that you dream of 'increased height' will be realized during surgery when they find the "height" button on your gray matter (just to the left of the snoring button). Heehee.

Love always,

Lexie and Stine