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Welcome and thanks for visiting my site. 

My Grandmother had glaucoma, so it wasn't a complete surprise to discover that I, too, have high eye pressure. Drops have kept the pressure at bay for the most part and I have had no significant vision difficulties as a result of glaucoma. It never occurred to me that the puffiness in my left eye was anything other than allergies or a poorly draining duct. After doctors, aethetitians and expensive eye creams didn't fix the problem, I once again asked my ophthalmologist about it during a recent check up. He took one look and said "That isn't a puffy eye, that is your eyeball popping out." Wow. A few tests later and it was determined that I most likely have a Sphenoid Wing Meningioma which is a generally benign brain tumor. My tumor, however, is an extensive flat one, and it travels out in various directions, one of which is into my left orbit (eye socket). It looks like is has destroyed the bone, so they are going to take as much of that section as they can, and then we will zap the rest with radiation. This whole ride has been incredibly surreal and if I wake up to find it all a dream, I apologize for the inconvenience.

At the moment, I have some vision problems, assorted wierd sensations, a contstant ringing in my ears and a Picasso-esque set of mis-matched eyes, but those could be attributed to so many things - Motherhood, aging and a past of debauchery.........

It is my ferverent hope that this surgery will once and for all remove the leftover psycholigical debris that is cluttering up my brain (like, all of 1984, for instance), and replace tha space with such useful things as Universal Love and the ability to do math. Plus, I am going to request some bionics while they are in there (where are you Oscar Goldman?).

I appreciate your visit and thank you so much for the thoughts and well wishes.


Tena May

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Journal entry by Tena May Gallivan

If, however, I am going to speak of vanity, I owe you the in the name truth. I have yet to find my oldest (dead-fishiest), but here are a few in betweens. And, no, no are not seeing anything - at least on my part, whatever you got going on today, more power to you! However, I flipped one and not the other. Who caught it? Yet to named prized coming your way!
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