Honor Theodore

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23 Tribute Donations

“In honor of Theodore Houk. Best wishes for a full recovery. I look forward to seeing you run again! I'm a real fan.”

— suzanne moran

“I hope Dr. Houk continues to improve and can get back on his feet, so to speak, soon.”

— Jeff Savoye

“Oh, Dr Houk-your care has meant SO much to me. Praying for strength + healing. Proud of your hard work in recovery. Keep Tristan running! Love to Pam.”

— Trish Suter

“In honor of Theodore Houk soon to be donning his 'high-heeled' sneakers”

— Anonymous

“In honor of Theodore Houk, keep getting strong! May the family also keep up their strength.”

— Jeff and Ellen Birkenthal

“In support of the recovery of Ted Houk - looking forward to reading about your continuing progress!”

— Lynda Clarke

“A church in Perry Hall is praying for you.”

— Dominic Correlli

“In honor of Theodore Houk , We are thinking of you and your family”

— Jan, Dick & Abby Wunderlich

“In honor of Theodore Houk, Michael Smith, and all Baltimore runners.”

— Lynn Smith

“Theodore Houk, one in a million.”

— Len and Elinor Kerpelman's daughter