Honor Theodore

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Gifted by suzanne moran

“In honor of Theodore Houk. Best wishes for a full recovery. I look forward to seeing you run again! I'm a real fan.”

Gifted by Jeff Savoye

“I hope Dr. Houk continues to improve and can get back on his feet, so to speak, soon.”
Trish Suter

Gifted by Trish Suter

“Oh, Dr Houk-your care has meant SO much to me. Praying for strength + healing. Proud of your hard work in recovery. Keep Tristan running! Love to Pam.”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Theodore Houk soon to be donning his 'high-heeled' sneakers”
Jeff and Ellen Birkenthal

Gifted by Jeff and Ellen Birkenthal

“In honor of Theodore Houk, keep getting strong! May the family also keep up their strength.”

Gifted by Lynda Clarke

“In support of the recovery of Ted Houk - looking forward to reading about your continuing progress!”

Gifted by Dominic Correlli

“A church in Perry Hall is praying for you.”

Gifted by Jan, Dick & Abby Wunderlich

“In honor of Theodore Houk , We are thinking of you and your family”
Lynn Smith

Gifted by Lynn Smith

“In honor of Theodore Houk, Michael Smith, and all Baltimore runners.”
Len and Elinor Kerpelman's daughter

Gifted by Len and Elinor Kerpelman's daughter

“Theodore Houk, one in a million.”