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Site created on October 23, 2020

Welcome, we’re using this website to give updates on Tracy’s progress and for you to follow along. We have played around with a couple different ones and this is the easiest one for us to use. One thing we do not like is that from what we are hearing, there are pop ups asking for a donation. You do not have to donate to keep the site going. Please ignore those.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Bob Wing

Probably my last post for awhile while my sister Raeann expertly tends to all of Tracy’s needs.  First off just a general thank you to everybody whose supported Tracy (and us) over the last 3 months. Words cannot even begin to express how thankful we are. I’d be lying 🤥 if I said we were not counting down the days til Tracy comes home. Still got to take it one day at a time but damn it’s within sight. Anyways I’ve attached a couple of pictures just to show what emotions a person can go thru in a day. One is of TJ who I picked up at the airport this morning and brought back to his apartment in Ann Arbor. Then there’s a picture of two beautiful ladies that I left today. A picture of the bridge, well because it’s the Yoop, what’s not to love about that. And last a picture from home tonight with E. I’m whooped 😂. Have a good night and yes cancer so sucks. Keep us updated ladies 😂
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