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October 7, 2019

Jerry has unfortunately found himself in the hospital again. His kidneys are stressed due to extremely low protein and an increase in fluid. Due to this setback, we are going to put a hold on all food deliveries. Jane may still need a few meals here and there, but I would recommend texting her beforehand to confirm. Jane does need drives to and from NYC while Jerry stays in the hospital.

Thanks again for your continued support.

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October 1, 2019

Thank you so much for all the support you have given the family, it is so appreciated. I wanted to take a moment and give everyone an update as to where we are at.

Jerry is moving forward with the CarT Cell treatment. This treatment is extremely new and a very exciting advancement in Cancer research. However, it will be a long road ahead before he is in the clear. There will be several treatments in the future. He has his cell removal this week and then with a positive cell count, they will be altered and then transplanted back in his body to fight his cancer cells.

Due to the aggressive nature of his lymphoma, he will be getting a different form of chemo in the next few weeks as he prepares for the transplant.

We will keep this website updated with his progress.

The family will continue to need support in rides (both to NYC and Westchester), food (small portions please) and prayers.


September 21, 2019

Jerry's journey started in December 2018. What started as a possible heart issue, gradually became a spleen enlargement and finally a lymphoma diagnosis. With his strong faith in the Lord and a marriage that knows no bounds, Jerry has taken on this cancer fight day in and day out. After a first round of chemotherapy that allowed him to continue the work he loves we all thought we were in the clear. Life and the Lord has decided to test Jerry's strength and the first round of chemotherapy has not worked as intended. Round two has thrown it's punches and Jerry is now hopefully qualifying for the most innovative therapy in lymphoma treatment in years...Car T Stem Cell. This newly introduced therapy will take Jerry's cells and modify them to take on these cancer cells and start to attack. This treatment will take time and won't be easy, but with Jerry's strength, faith in the Lord and support of family and friends we know he will be successful...but we all need to be in it with him!!!