Honor Taylor

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Gifted by Minton family

“In honor of Taylor Morris”

Gifted by Alexi Mavrellis

“In honor of Taylor Morris, the definition of inspiration...”

Gifted by Joseph Ritsch

“Taylor, again, you?re an American hero! I barely have any money, but I would be honored to give some to you, for everything you have done for me/us.”

Gifted by Theresa Kouri & Mike Savage

“In honor of Taylor Morris. Thank you for your service to keep us safe, loving, and together.”


“In honor of Taylor Morris”

Gifted by Chris and Jim Robinson

“In honor of Taylor Morris, those who have gone before and those sure to follow. You have set an example for us all. Thank you with Love,”
Mike & Laurie Wirth

Gifted by Mike & Laurie Wirth

“In honor of Taylor Morris”

Gifted by Wilma and Dean Paup

“In honor of Taylor Morris for defending our freedom. You are the best.”

Gifted by Sue and Tom Pontius

“In honor of Taylor Morris from Kate Mitchell's Grandmother and Grandfather.25”
Kathy Goranson

Gifted by Kathy Goranson

“Taylor, your courage, strength and determination is a lesson in perseverence to all of us! Love and prayers to you, family and Danielle.”