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Site created on January 8, 2017

As you may already know, Tatiana Gerowitz was in a car accident on Wednesday, January 4th that left her in a coma.  She is now out of her coma and various Oregon care facilities and progressively recovering  in her family's home in Davis, CA. Tati's family appreciates all the support Tati has received.   We will now put a hold on further additions to this site, but the site will continue to be available to view as is.   The Journal entry of May 10, 2017 will be our last -- at least for the time being.  Please contact Tati’s mother Carrie Schucker if you wish to visit or communicate further with Tatiana -- carrie200295616@yahoo.com, 530-758-5197 (tel:530-758-5197).   Thank you for visiting.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Tatiana Gerowitz

I finally got my own caring bridge account! Just so you all now, next week I get my own phone! If you wanna talk to me, you gotta email me your number unless you think I already have it (I have a lot of peoples numbers).  By the way, I'm doing awesome!  Getting a little bit better every day (as always)!
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