Thoughts & Well Wishes

Michael Taylor | Oct 9, 2019
Tara's Light Shines
Tara, your light shines on a lot of people.  You have the Love and consideration from so many.  May God's blessing be upon you and we are looking forward to campaigning on you behalf. 
Tara "Da Truth" Taylor-Joseph
I love you. 
Enjoy the Journey.
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Kizzy and Paquita Myke | Oct 8, 2019
Black women are strong, we are resilient,  we are powerful and the best thing about us is that we know when we trust in God we are unstoppable. I know you will be ok because you are all those things I mentioned.  I'm praying for you and so is my mother.  We're going to make sure you have enough prayer in your prayer bank to help you make it through.  I love you Tara. You got this😘😘😘.
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