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Nov 22-28

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Good Evening Everyone,


Taola is just rocking therapy. She has been a little down and out with having to be quarantined for the 14 days upon admission to her new therapy center but the 14 days is half way over.  So hopefully the last half goes even faster for her. 
Tami had a few really good days visiting Taola through the window this last week.  Taola is getting stronger every day and it is very apparent every time you talk to her. Her care team is placing her back on puréed food and are setting up an appointment with the Ear Nose and Throat doctor to assess at her tongue as she bit it hard during the accident and also bit it while at Regions, in her initial days after the accident. 
Traci, Tori and Bruce went with Tami this week as it was Traci’s birthday.  They brought cupcakes along and had a little party. Taola even sang happy birthday to Traci, that was cute!

Taola has been in a wheel chair in her room and not in restraints for safety as she had been assessed to be safe without them. In true Taola fashion, the other day she just got herself right up out of the chair and wiped out on her butt. No injuries were sustained but was determined to be independent and do what she wanted to do. :) Tami had to read her the riot act and talk to the nursing staff to keep her strapped in.  

Today Charlotte and Taola had a great talk via FaceTime.  They were literally having a fully engaged conversation. This was a beautiful amazing change from even last week. Taola was very engaged and asking questions and responding to Charlotte (hard to do with a 4.5 year olds train of thought). So that says a lot.  :) 

Taola is literally moving mountains every day and it is a blessing that we get to report these updates to you all. However, her therapy needs and rehabilitation is very far from over.

If you are wishing to have anything sent to Taola it is required by the facility to be quarantined for 24 hours. Please do not send anything financial straight to Taola at her new location but use the GoFundMe me link below or mail it to the address below or if you want to drop it off in her name at an RCU bank you can also do that.

Here is her address:

Cedarburg Health Services                 Att: TBI Unit , Taola Swenson N27W5707 Lincoln Blvd.      Cedarburg WI 53012.

If you are wanting to support Taola And Tami in her journey towards recovery there are going to be a lot of “next steps”. Here is the link to her go fund me page, the family’s direct mailing address for cards, and you can also direct deposit straight into her account at RCU under Taola Swenson etc.


Tami and Taola Swenson
14454 County Line Rd
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024

Thank you everyone.


Taola and family


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