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Journal entry by Steven McGee

11: 33 PM April 14th, 2018: One thing Tammy and I shared in common despite being opposites on the Zodiac wheel and in life is that we both ran high school cross country. Tonight I repeated again the affirmation I have arrived at to honor Tammy and her profound Sacred Contract. On the morning after her passing, her Oncologist Dr. Susan Greenberg called and said "no matter what trash was dropped over her head, she just kept on smiling".  I responded automatically as if the words were not my own "Tammy accomplished what she came her to do" Tonight, a little voice told me that I needed to play the Coldplay song "Paradise". This song led me to another more poignant song "Miracles" by Coldplay.  The video includes scenes from the movie "Unbroken" that we watched together.  Miracles by Coldplay begins with these words:   "I've made it this far and refused to give up because all my life I had always finished the race". Quote by Louis Zamperini. Coincidentally, I had reposted this montage from the movie Toy Story 3 recently (see attached)
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