Honor Talia

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Gifted by Mr. Michael Vlach

“In honor of Talia Kovac”

Gifted by Mrs. Stacey E. Prescott

“May God give you hope, peace & patience!”

Gifted by Ms. Susan Dingethal

“In honor of Talia Kovac”
Eliot R. Globerson

Gifted by Eliot R. Globerson

“In Honor of a Beautiful Little Lady - Talia.”

Gifted by Wendi Benecke

“In honor of my darling grandbaby, Talia.”

Gifted by Mrs. Nancy S. Brady

“In honor of Talia Kovac: Nancy Sciaretta Brady”

Gifted by Mr. Arthur D. Groves III

“In honor of Talia Kovac, with love -The Groves Family”

Gifted by Ms. Carolyn A. Egan

“In honor of Talia Kovac”