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Site created on January 30, 2020

From the time I was born, my life has been guided and protected by my superhero and older brother, Tedric Evangelista.  Our mother gave Tedric one hefty task- Watch over your younger brother, Jay, aka yours truly.  Not for certain Tedric entirely grasped what type of  lifetime work that would be for him but unconditionally he took up the challenge.  Whether it was teaching me hard work, keeping my head up when I was down, an ear to listen, or defend me when my mouth got me into a mess- yup, Tedric was there.  Since he was so use to having my back, it came seamless for Tedric to be there in my most important time- when a young boy lost his mother at an early age.  My brother carried me through that toughest time in my life.  Just like an older brother who picks up his younger sibling after a bad play, game or simply a rough day...He allowed me to grieve into his arms after losing mom but then built me back up to survive, overcome and get back in the batters box.  Only to do it a second time, after our father passed.  Just like his quickness on the field of play- he was always quick to be by my side when I needed him.  While he earned the name T-ROC on the football field, my brother has been my Rock for me as along as I can remember.  

But while he was emotional rock for me my whole life, I would be remiss not to mention how much of a physical freak he was on the field, court, etc. that led to his forever nickname, "T-ROC"...5'7" / 150lbs (wet) in high school and ran like the wind blows- he always seemed quicker than the stopwatch read that day along with extra gears he still had...but given his small stature, he was pulled off the track to play 1 year of high school football and went onto play college football with a cup of coffee in semi pro ball...yup, I have idolized him and tried my best to emulate his athletic feats, only to be brought down to reality that you cant really be superman.

After years of leaning, depending, and in awe of your hero, there comes a time when you finally have to grow up and be self sufficient...So what is T-ROC to do with no longer having to steer his little brother, Jay, in the right direction?  Well he makes it a point throughout his life to be a loyal friend and put out a hand to help any person he encounters without asking or expecting anything in return.  T-ROC is the most selfless, loving person in the world.  After being there for me and so many people throughout his life, it is now time to be there for him.  

My brother- a best friend, an amazing uncle, and most importantly my T-ROC throughout life was diagnosed with Stage IV Esophageal Cancer on January 16th, 2020.  In a matter of weeks, it became clear that T-ROC will be on the field once again for one of his toughest battles...Cancer.  Now is our time to stand with the one person who has unconditionally been there for so many...

Welcome to our CaringBridge website for Tedric Evangelista.  We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place.  We greatly appreciate the support as Together We Stand...T-RocStrong.


Newest Update

Journal entry by Jay Evangelista

In a 2020 world where we have challenges put in front of us daily, our super hero, T-Roc, has overcome and hit a major milestone in our fight against cancer.

After a heavyweight fight with stage iv esophageal cancer, T-Roc recently went in for follow up scans post 12 Rounds of aggressive chemotherapy.  Im grateful and happy to report that T-Roc, according to his Oncologist, had a remarkable response to treatment.  Lesions on his liver have diminished significantly since January scans and our tumor has also shrunk in size.  

On the outside, we have seen the improvement with T-Roc eating well, working out and biking daily.  Additionally watching his immune system comeback after all those rounds has been such a story of legend.  Now a report from the inside showing signficant improvement matching what we see on the outside leaves me speechless and tearful.

Eternally grateful for this miraculous comeback since our January diagnosis and i know none of this is possible without this amazing support team.  Couldnt do it without all of you.

While T-Roc is victorious in this battle, we know the cancer fight continues and we are energized for tackling our next phase, maintaining and management.  We will go thru lighter rounds of treatments to further fight and stay strong against our opponent.  

Ive dreamt and prayed since January to give you this positive update.  Thank you to man above and my parents watching over my brother during this journey.

Together We Are...#T-ROCStrong 

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