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Site created on July 30, 2020

Dad took Mom into Swan River Hospital July 29 around 11:00 pm. She was feeling weak and had some numbness on her left side. She needed a wheelchair by the time she got to the hospital. They suspected stroke but were unsure. The signs were unclear to begin with but it was obvious within a couple of hours after arriving at the hospital that she had indeed had some kind of stroke. They kept her in overnight and she was transferred by ambulance to Dauphin. Her CT scan showed a “brain bleed” stroke (which is less common than a “blockage” stroke) so she was transferred to Winnipeg. We are waiting to hear more from the doctor. They did a second scan and found little change. At this point no surgery needed. They will be monitoring her high blood pressure.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Janalee Toews

Good evening, to you dear friends and family,

  Thank you for all the prayers that have been offered on our behalf. We have felt them carrying us thru. Keep on praying that Mom can continue to improve and that we can accept God's plan.

   So tomorrow, the plan is for Dad to take Mom home to their house! It feels like a big step.

    Mom has spent almost 6 weeks at Riverview Health Centre.The time at Riverview has been a very good experience. The workers and therapists are very positive and helpful. The atmosphere is very warm and caring. A number of staff and residents have stopped by to say goodbye. 

  Mom has done many hours of therapy. Usually 3 half to one hour appointments each day. A new part of her brain has to be taught how to do the tasks she so easily did before.

   Now Mom is mostly able to care for herself. She can walk quite well with a walker for shorter distances. Her hand and arm have movement but are not always dependable. It's hard to watch your Mom struggling with the tasks that your preschoolers are learning to do!

  We are grateful that Mom is ready to come home now. We realize there will be challenges ahead as things are still quite different than they were before the stroke.
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