Thoughts & Well Wishes

Mercury Jones | Apr 19, 2018
Hay, it's Kiya. Idk if you remember me. Madis old kinda best friend. I know apologies are kinda redundant in this situation, but still. Fight. Fight it with your might. You are an extremely strong person. I know even from how little we hung out or talked. I know you are strong and I believe you can do it. I don't know that much how to help. But if you ever need to talk I have a lot of time. I want to help if I can. Even tho I am in Ridgecrest, I'll still help as much as I can. My number is 7607939902. If you ever need someone, call or message me anytime.
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Mary Amon | May 2, 2018
Hi Sydni.  Want you to know we are all praying for you.  Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated.  You are an inspiration and blessing in the midst of all you are going through!  May God continue to bless you with a donor and good care, and all that you need I pray.  Love your spirit.  :)  He is faithful who began a good work in you to complete it!  
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Georgia Burnside | May 3, 2018
Good Morning Sydni,

  I have been praying for you and I hope your spirits are high, knowing you I am sure your making everyone laugh.. We miss you, and love you. School is same Ole same Ole... lol, let me know how you are doing. Have a blessed day girl... and stay strong, you got this.  :)  :)  :)
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